How to be confident with crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth are common among many people, and it can be a source of insecurity for some. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips on how to embrace your unique smile and be confident with crooked teeth.

Embrace Your Smile

The first step in being confident with crooked teeth is accepting them. Think of your smile as a signature feature that sets you apart from everyone else. Who wants a cookie-cutter, Hollywood smile anyway? By embracing the quirks of your grin, you show off your individuality, which attracts more attention than just another perfect pearl-white set.

Find What Works For You

Not everyone has confidence or comfortability in their unique features right away—sometimes we need help. Whether through braces or veneers, makeover shows like Extreme Makeover or The Swan showed us that transformation was possible for anyone wanting an adjustment! And while typical dental work tends to get costly over time (our wallets hurt even thinking about the bill), there are plenty other avenues worth venturing down. See what looks comfortable (and cost-effective) for you!

Dental Work

One route is aligning those curveballs up via orthodontics such as Invisalign (use this one instead – “these clear tray-like cases slip onto each tooth to provide gentle adjusting”), traditional braces (with conductive rubber bands ready), veneers (those shells placed atop our front fangs helping hide any staining, and more—all specifically personalized by your dentist without damaging any underlying structure).

Accessories ‘n’ Treats

For us budget-conscious folks out here who want affordable ways without sacrificing style points—they aren’t short on variety either! Some trendy options include colored rubber O-rings—if funky colors tickle your palette—or fun DIY decals 1if artwork’s up your alley. Not to leave out sugary sweets: my personal favorite are sticky strips that don’t require too much jaw work (for those cheat meals only!)

Practice Makes Perfect

Another way to feel confident with crooked teeth is simply by practicing your smile. Find a mirror and play around with different angles, whether it’s half-smiling or mirroring the actions of someone in a movie—a tried-and-true method for perfection!

Mirror Magic

As we mentioned earlier, practice makes perfect—so spending time in front of our trusty mirrors definitely helps refine any “awkwardly posed” shots we’re afraid of taking otherwise. Here are some various pouts/winks/expression-centered stances you could try:

  • Half Smile: A genuine beam warms hearts — as long as this grin isn’t awkwardly forced
  • Full Teeth Showing/Wide Grin: Embrace your baby canines (if still growing out) and show off those bottom middle incisors!
  • Closed Lip Smile: Some people find open-mouth smiles make for happier dispositions on shot days, but closed smiles let folks focus more on nice face features.
  • Smizing: Tighten up all facial muscles creating wrinkles surrounding our eyes; will give us defined cheery peepers easily.

Be Confident In Other Ways

Remember that confidence goes beyond physical appearance—even if our good looks do matter too 2. So spending time invested outside finding inner peace/self-improvement like being socialable/mentally stable help shape ‘the self’ we become.

Focus On Your Talents/Skills

We all have unique gifts/specialties that deserve exploring/discovering more about—it really boosts feelings worthy/capable no matter how trivial/petty something may seem at first glance! We’ve listed down exercises below to get started:

Hobbies Issues Addressed
Photography Enhance creativity
Playing Music Instruments Improves hand-eye coordination, reduces stress/anxiety
Writing In Journals/Blogging Helps find inner voice and self-expression

Dress/Act Confidently

Researchers from Northwestern University published a study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology stating wearing nice clothes helped subjects increase confidence levels 3 — but why stop there? Go wild with accessories or cosmetic choices that scream “I’m Me!”, no matter how unorthodox they may seem…

  • A funky pair of tutu-pants – because who can conquer the day with boring pants?
  • A quirky oversized sunglasses – perfect for hiding a less-than-perfect smile!
  • Red lipstick blowing everyone away during chats.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Incorporating positive vibes/people into daily life helps create a secure/nurturing environment to grow inside!

Friends/Family Support

Co-workers/Friends can make all difference by being supportive/fun-loving when discussing our unique features. Folks we surround ourselves with not only lift us up but also provide helpful feedback. What about trying any of these ideas while hanging out next?

  1. Play around taking wacky selfies/traditional ones too (#BraceFacePride!)
  2. Do impromptu at-home photoshoots (why not experiment?)
  3. Book appoinments doing makeup/hair/treatments together!


Being confident despite having crooked teeth comes down to owning it—finding what works for you, practicing your smile, working on your non-dental-related confidence areas like honing skills/exploring different hobbies & interests – even spoiling yourself once in a new outfit/look are some ways useful here!

Remember à la Tyra Banks: “Perfect is never model-y fun enough.” So be proud of what makes you unique, because it’s what makes you stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter smiles.

Even those professionals with (sober, exisitent or fake) perfect pearly whites can’t take that amazing feature away from us!

  1. Consider buying, models use them now! 

  2. We want to make sure we aren’t leaving anyone marginalized — but one still needs a dope outfit too! 

  3. The study is titled “The Cognitive Costs of Fancy Dressing.” 

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