How to ask out your crush without being rejected?

Have you been eyeing that special someone but shuddering at the thought of rejection? Don’t worry, my friend. We’ve all been there. It’s daunting to put yourself out there, but fear not! Our experts have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to ask out your crush without being rejected.

Step 1: Know thyself

Yeah, yeah. You’re in love and yada yada…but do you even know what you want out of this relationship? Do some introspection and figure it out so that when you approach your soulmate, it shows that you’re serious about them and have given it some real thought.

Step 2: Pick your moment wisely

Timing is everything. Trust us when we say this – no one wants to be asked out while they’re mid-bite into their spicy tuna roll or rushing off for an important meeting with their boss. Choose a time when they’re relaxed with enough breathing space between engagements for them to give proper consideration.

Step 3: Come up with a creative pick-up line

If ‘Are you from Tennessee because you are the only ten I see’ was ever acceptable as a pick-up line then trust us, he/she has heard every cheesy pickup line under the sun. Rather than going down this road try coming up something more charming like “I don’t usually take risks, but [insert target name here] made me feel lucky today,” or “Can I buy you an entire pizza instead of just a slice?” which can lead into light-hearted humor without crossing boundaries or risking offense.

Bonus point

Make sure whatever come up is relevant/simple enough/easy-to-remember & also practiced well before heading towards him/her.

Step 4 : Match their energy level

It’s very important that before making any sort of move towards the one,you match their energy levels. If they’re super animated and outgoing, don’t be too serious or reserved yourself, because trust us – that’s a recipe for disaster.

Step 5 : Take it easy

It’s essential to remember not to get your hopes up too high beforehand either there will always be the possibility of rejection so when “the day” finally comes make sure you’re in a calm state of mind.

Bonus point

If anxiety is really getting the best of you then figure out some relaxing breathing exercises or visualization techniques to help bring some level-headedness.

Step 6: What if…he/she says No?

Don’t panic! You’ve already rehearsed this scenario in your mind hundreds (if not thousands)of times by now back-up jdate plan depending on how “close” that person felt before asking them out.”Remember – any outcome can lead towards friendship which probably could have never ever began”.

Extra tip

Keep things as friendly as possible even if the other person doesn’t seem interested since it’ll keep doors open for future interactions much better than cutting ties entirely.

Step 7 : Resilience wins!

If at first, you don’t succeed try again after gaining some confidence points back. Remember our good ol’ friend Thomas Edison? He wasn’t at all disheartened while perfecting his bulb; he just knew what didn’t work and moved from there. If everything fails laugh about it & see what life brings next 😉

So go forth love-struck soul & put these tips into practice.Happy Crushing!

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