How to apply hair clay?

Are you tired of struggling with hair products that just don’t work for you? Have you ever heard of hair clay? No, not the kind your kids play with. We’re talking about a styling product here – one that can help transform your unruly locks into something manageable and stylish.

But what exactly is hair clay, and how do you use it without making a mess? Fear not! In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know (and maybe some things you didn’t) about applying hair clay properly.

What Exactly is Hair Clay?

Hair clay is a type of styling product made from various natural ingredients like beeswax, kaolin (a type of white clay), and bentonite (a volcanic ash). These ingredients provide hold without weighing your hair down or leaving any residue behind.

Hair clays are versatile and work great for most hairstyles like messy styles, texture enhancement, controlled styles etc. They come in different holds depending on the style required- light hold will give loose control while heavy holds can keep styles locked in place all day long (or even longer!).

If Taylor Swift’s perfect beach waves make you envious or David Beckham’s new Mohawk have caught your eye recently; chances are they used some form of hairstyling models like ‘hair clays’. Time to join the club!

Is it Right For Me?

Yes! Any guy looking for an easy-to-use product with excellent results should strongly consider adding this item to their grooming routine ASAP. If you want definition but still want a touchable feeling then its high time we realize our true love towards ‘hair clays’.

Men who have medium length & thick curly/wavy coifs will also benefit extensively from using such products as these tames those curls right down whilst giving volume at same time making them maintaining moisture balance along scalp area. Who knew whip-smart looks could be made with such smart and eco-friendly products?

Let’s Get Practical

Step 1: How to Choose the Right Hair Clay

There are multiple factors that you should consider before buying hair clays, as well as different types of clay available in the market. Factors to keep in mind prior to choosing your preferred hair clay includes:

Hold Strength

Mostly, brands use a scale or numbering system for their product container regarding hold strength like ‘light hold/hard hold’. Always choose according to your preference.

Matte Finish vs Shine

Do you want a natural matte finish or some extra shine? Again it depends upon personal preference and specific hairstyle look selection.

  • Tip : Go for medium holds if unsure of styling specifics. It provides flexibility but not overly stiff looks.

Ingredients & Scent Check:

Check whats inside- There is nothing explicit than taking care about healths obviously when considering an appearance factor! If primarily looking for organic options check out ingredients list carefully maybe Google them up one by one so all doubts can take a back seat then fragrances- do you prefer sweet/acidy/herbal notes?

Guys who are sensitive towards fragrance should always cross-check perfume type in any chosen product cause reckless applicability might lead discomfort/itching around scalp/skin area later on while donning charm-full styles.

Some great examples revolving currently in fashion industry includes Jack Henry Firm Hold Matte Clay; By Vilain Powermade etc.

Step 2: Preparing Your Hair Before Application

It’s absolutely essential that you properly prepare wash hairsfirst 🙁 They need to be fresh, dry (not towel-dry) and clean—free from dirt/oil perils. Give your tresses deep cleansing; condition applying after shampoo will soften those strands preparing them ergonomically ready for style setting via clays applications 🙂 Little moisture won’t hurt though!

  • Tip: The golden rule is always to blow dry the hair if possible. It helps in equal distribution of clays or holding products.

Step 3: Applying the Hair Clay

When it comes to applying hair clay, less is more (trust us on this – you don’t want to end up with greasy roots and limp locks).

Quantity Control:

Always start small! Put a dab roughly the size of your fingernail onto your fingers as too much amount would make application tedious; and yes we do know avoiding wastage is essential because once dipped there’s no going back then check how product covers/holds onto hairstyle before going all-in.

Heating Procedure

The technique for activating heating process after picking amount up onto fingertips helps break down any wax particles init making consistency even smoother for better spread. As it warms up first, you will feel compact form starting getting changed unto vapour (not exactly!). Then quickly apply accordingly into hairs following below steps:

  • Tip : Just rubbing hands together won’t create enough heat needed so instead use tools like microwave/heating rods for few seconds until liquified texture achieved then commence styling ritual.

Spreading Pattern & Styling Moves

Apply evenly throughout each section starting at the root intending that each strand should get fair share of hold power using tips(fingers) . Distributing from scalp outwards gently combing through distribute around uniformly massaging into tighter sections(whereever applicable eg spikes/middle partings). Do remember that every look has its own specific style game and time duration as certain looks like low fades etc require extra detailing while stuck-up styles might need multi-layered coating till reaching perfect equilibrium point!

  • Alert- Avoid touching ‘too much’ when done unless desiring flat/clumpy result.


And there you have it. Who knew hairstyling could be such an enjoyable task (with some free bicep exercise)? It’s all about being comfortable with what we choose & not shying away from experimenting at least once if its gonna make us look & learn slicker in that classy crowd of sophisticated men . Hair clays- well, they are ecologically friendly,safe for hair and versatile come as long-lasting friends. So, add some to your grooming arsenal today (the only regret you will ever have is the reason why you didn’t try before!).

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