How to apply glycerin for psoriasis?

Are you tired of slathering chemicals onto your skin to try and treat your psoriasis? Don’t worry, friend – there’s a natural solution that’s been hiding right under your nose this entire time. Glycerin is a sweet and viscous substance that comes from plant or animal fats, and it has some pretty amazing properties when it comes to treating psoriasis. In fact, glycerin can help soothe dryness, reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and even stimulate new cell growth. So let’s delve into the world of glycerin and learn how we can use it to conquer our pesky psoriasis.

What is Psoriasis?

Before we dive into glycerin application tips galore, let’s quickly recap what psoriasis actually is. It‘s a chronic autoimmune skin condition that causes red patches covered with silvery scales on different parts of the body such as knees, elbows etc. These patches are not only unsightly but also cause itchiness which makes them extra annoying.

## Why Choose Glycerin Over Other Options?
So why should you choose glycerine over other options for treating your lovely psoriatic flare-ups? Well first off its natural nature helps in avoiding any unwarranted chemical exposure; secondly applications give way better results than any store bought cream thanks largely due its oil replenishing property.

Getting Your Hands On The Good Stuff

But before getting started on building up an Odeon worth range of products at home, gather good quality vegetable glycerine(Added advice point here folks!) You specifically need ‘vegetable’ because animal based glyercines contain fat thus may result in dermatitis upon usage- ain’t nobody got time for sensitive skinned side effects!

Make sure you take note the label- go organic if possible!

Once purchased keeping storage away from direct sunlight in a refrigerator should keep it safe for external use until its’ expiry date.

How to Apply Glycerin Effectively

Ok, now that we’ve got our organic glycerin on lock-down , here’s what you need to do take care of those pesky patches!

Step 1: Clear the Area

The first and most important step is clearing the area of your PSoriasis patch (bet even Elton John is taking notes). So make sure to gently, yet thoroughly wash your skin using lukewarm water – having hot showers may lead to dryness which ultimately inflames psoriatic symptoms.

Step 2: Apply Your Glycerin Solution(s)

Once you have splashed some life into reluctant pores, apply a small amount(More advice-ish point)- dotting it onto affected areas with clean finger tips or with a cotton round.

Now Lather up top Generously with lotion (note accentuated word) so as not leave behind any stickiness residue.

Step 3: Let The Glyercine Treatment Work Its Magic!

Step away from fridgerated solution applied- (really good tip there).

Make sure ya let your application get absorbed part way/fully by leaving that spot looking white – this means glycerine absorption has kicked off like magic!!!

Additionally ,always ensure patch is completely dry pre-applying clothes or any covers else things can get pretty messy…

### Step 4: Repeat This Daily And Watch Results Manifest###

See how easy maintaining radical acceptance instead of despair with psoriasis gets when you introduce pure quality ‘vegetable-based’ glycerine into life?

By sheer dedication and discipline being consistent daily applications will have positive after effects in months. Stick at it !!!

In summary, remember these actions are critical towards attaining clear skin; Always Wash the specific area, pat-dry thoroughly prior applying therapy product(i.e glycerin liquid), then wait for 20 minutes before dressing up again or jumping back into bed. Repeating this process everyday as part of a comprehensive skincare routine that can reduce itchiness, scaling and patchiness caused by psoriatic flare ups which tend to play upon one’s emotions.

Things to Keep in Mind

While glycerin could be seen like the superhero formulating skin care; chemicals obtained from generic solution may mix poorly leading chemical reactions. To avoid any such mishaps keep your application free from preservatives so as not clash with other products( ie use exclusively on specific location).

For instance it would be unwise (so we recommend you don’t do it punk!) mixing tazorac cream with Glycerin since these two ingredients are likely to ignite epidermic dramas unsure of what might ensue- ya know?

Also another note…occasional exfoliation is even more effective adjunct treatment for maximum results!

In conclusion, giving ‘vegetable-based’ glyercine a chance will help you combat psoriasis naturally instead of lathering some vivid gunky chemical solutions that may make matters worse than better! As much as possible let nature take its course- she never disappoints!

Stay beautiful inside and out folks-perhaps elevate above shallow beauty standards?

Till next time – yet another female guru out …😉

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