How to apply aloe vera gel on hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, as a standalone word, elicits enough cringes and sighs. If you’re nodding in agreement right now, then welcome aboard the “straining while pooping” bandwagon! While we humans can feel pretty uncomfortable discussing anus-related health issues with our doctors, let’s face it; sometimes, it becomes essential to ask for help. Fortunately for us butt-strugglers out there (yes, I just made that up), Mother Nature has provided us with a wonder ingredient – Aloe vera gel. This natural plant extract can soothe hemorrhoids and reduce inflammation around the affected area like nobody’s business.

The Miraculous Healing Properties of Aloe Vera

Before we dive into how to apply aloe vera gel on your lovely lady lumps –err- or man grapes down under (I cannot believe I just wrote that), let’s first discuss what makes this plant extract such an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids.

A team of researchers from Sanjeevani Surgicals Pvt Ltd claim “[a]loes contain a variety of nutrients which are essential for overall well-being including antioxidants flavonoids tannis sterols vitamins A B1 B2 B6 C E minerals calcium iron potassium sodium zinc magnesium copper chromium manganese selenium.”

So basically, when you apply this nutrient-packed baby to your life-bringers down there (why am I still trying?), its antimicrobial and antiviral properties get going by reducing the pain caused due to inflamed blood vessels around nature’s call button.

Applying Pure Blunder-free Aloe Vera Gel On Your Nether Regions

Alrighty folks! Here comes the fun part!

  • Choose an organic brand: Before you buy any random jar of green goo labeled “aloe vera,” make sure you choose a pure and organic one with at least 90% pure aloe vera gel. You don’t want to be applying any funny business down there (Amen).
  • Rinse it before applying: If you’re using the plant extract straight from the leaf, rinse it gently with lukewarm water.
  • Keep your hemorrhoids clean and dry: Before application, make sure your bum is squeaky clean and pat-dry since “a moist atmosphere leads to bacterial growth which can cause infections that exacerbate symptoms.”
  • Apply generously – scooped up from a jar or directly from the freshly sliced Aloe vera leaf. Cover completely if necessary.
  • Wait for at least 15-20 minutes before wiping off gently (use baby wipes)
  • For best results, apply twice a day.

Tips And Tricks To Soothe Your Itchy-Painful Hemorrhoids

Now that we’ve discussed the fundamentals of how to slap on some life-changing aloes down there (yep! Exactly what you think smells like) let’s dive into other things that can help ease out those pain-causing demons.

Trick #1 – Get Enough Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber-rich diet helps prevent constipation by producing soft poop while increasing stool volume reducing straining urge during bowel movement hence goodye painful flare-ups..

Added Bonus: Fresh fruits are rich sources of vitamins and minerals; they aid digestion thus acting as natural food supplements which will keep everyone happy including your butt!

Trick #2 – Maintain Hygiene Down There

Alright fellas here’s where I give a quick pep talk about taking care of yourself down there just reguarly Asnake our “Devinity,” would often say “Show love for oneself first then show love around.”. Always try keeping up great hygiene habits such as washing thoroughly after passing stools but dont use wet wipes too often(due to its fragrances). Its only reasonable to also avoid rough toilet paper. Moisturize with vaseline if you are feeling a bit dry after cleaning.. (The slogan of my life: Vaseline solves everything)

Trick #3 – Not Sitting for Long Periods

Yup, it’s time to step away from your oh-so-lovely work desk and give your bottom a break. Sitting on hard surfaces or chairs is undeniably the devil when it comes to hemorrhoids because prolonged pressure can damage blood vessels in the area leading to painful flare-ups.

Trick #4 – The Magic Of A Warm Bath

No, no don’t worry about building an elaborate tub with bubbles and candles around just yet Instead find yourself some warm water that your bum can soak in Just keep those bright pink flamingo floaties at bay(unless you’re into them), staying within 30 minutes will do take twice daily If its too much use sitz bath separately(I mean safety first).

So How Do I know When To See My Doctor?

If all these TLC practices aren’t working for you and leaving poor little down there more agitated than soothed, talk to an expert right away! Possible intervention needed by Doctor(s) may include:

  • Rubber band ligation
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Hemorrhoidectomy (get well soon)

All of which involve getting rid of swollen veins through techniques either internal or external based procedure but most experts recommend natural remedies as preliminaries before any medical procedures thats why we’re here certainly shall we deploy approved home remedy hack for fast relief.

In conclusion , while applying oil vera gel solely may not be enough when managing stand-alone symptoms . Its always good practice to eat better fiber-rich diets, maintain hygiene habits perform light exercises and adapt healthy lifestyle choices , all these practices will largely contribute towards soothing the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids allowing one comfortable restful nights where our friends seating muscles have permission time off.

Just remember, don’t be a stranger! See your doctor frequently oh and please dont use “presence of bloody stools as an opportunity to write off poems”.

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