How to apply abreva patch?

Abreva patch is a unique medicine used to treat cold sores. The patch is a small, transparent sticky bandage that can be applied directly over a cold sore, just like a band-aid. The patch contains an active ingredient that helps treat the symptoms of cold sores by reducing their size, redness, and pain. Applying the patch can be a bit tricky, but with the right techniques and some practice, anyone can apply it effectively. Below, we’ll take you through the steps to apply an Abreva patch to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your medicine.

The Steps to Apply an Abreva Patch

Step 1: Clean the Affected Area

The first step to applying an abreva patch is to clean the affected area. You’ll need to gently wash the cold sore with mild soap and water, then pat it dry with a clean towel. Avoid using harsh soaps or rubbing the area too hard, as this can irritate the sore and make it worse.

Step 2: Open and Remove the Patch

You should clean your hands before opening the Abreva patch. Open the package and remove the patch from the protective film using the tab situated in the middle part of the package. Carefully peel the patch from the backing and avoid touching its sticky surface to preserve its adhesive property.

Step 3: Apply the Patch

Apply the Abreva patch directly over the cold sore so that it is appropriately covered. Use the tab on the patch to press its edges down and ensure that it is firmly attached. Avoid putting heavy pressure on the patch as doing so will cause it to detach from the skin. Leave the patch on for about 12 hours before removing it.

Step 4: Remove the Patch

After 12 hours, it is time to remove the patch gently. You can remove it by slowly peeling it off, starting from the edge towards the center. If there is any excess residue, clean it off gently with mild soap and water, then pat it dry with a clean towel.

Tips for Applying An Abreva Patch

Tip 1: Apply the Patch Early

It is crucial to apply the Abreva patch as soon as you see or feel the first sign of a cold sore, such as itching or tingling sensations. When applied early, the patch can prevent the cold sore from breaking out. Applying it in the later stages of the sore may reduce its healing time.

Tip 2: Keep the Affected Area Dry

Avoid touching or wetting the cold sore after you have applied the patch. Water, saliva, and other residues can make the patch loose or detach from the skin, reducing its effectiveness. You can keep the area dry by using a soft tissue or cloth to blot the sore gently if necessary.

Tip 3: Store the Abreva Patch Properly

Keenly follow the instructions on the package. Always store your Abreva patch at room temperature and in a dry place. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or humid areas.

Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

  • Q: How long should I keep the Abreva patch on for?
  • A: You should wear the patch for about 12 hours before removing it. Follow the instructions on the package for best results.

  • Q: How often should I use the Abreva patch?
  • A: You can use the Abreva patch up to two times a day, every day until the cold sore is fully healed.

  • Q: Can the Abreva patch be used to reduce the number of cold sores I get?
  • A: No, the Abreva patch only works to treat cold sores once they have appeared. It cannot be used to prevent them from occurring.

  • Q: What happens if the Abreva patch falls off?
  • A: If the patch falls off, wash your hands and clean the affected area with a mild soap and water. You can reapply a new patch if it has not yet been on for 12 hours.

  • Q: Can I apply makeup over the Abreva patch?
  • A: Yes, you can apply makeup over the Abreva patch once it has been applied and is properly attached to your skin. Note, however, that applying excessive pressure can cause it to detach from the skin.

  • Q: Is Abreva Patch safe for children?
  • A: Abreva patch is suitable for children aged 12 years and above. Children under 12 should consult a doctor before using the patch.


Abreva patch is an effective medicine used to treat cold sores. Applying it may seem tricky at first, but with the right techniques and a bit of practice, anyone can do it. Remember to clean the affected area, apply the patch, and remove it after 12 hours. Always follow the package instructions and for best results, apply the patch as soon as the first signs of a cold sore appear.


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