How to align your chakras for beginners?

Welcome, fellow earthlings! It’s safe to say that we have all experienced days where our energy feels off balance. Whether it’s the fact that you’ve spilled coffee all over your white shirt or just generally feeling low, aligning your chakras may be just what you need.

In this guide, we will debunk common misconceptions and provide practical ways on how to align your chakras for beginners. So take a deep breath in and let’s get started!

What are Chakras?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of alignment techniques, it is important first to understand what chakras are. Chakra originates from Sanskrit meaning “wheel” or “spinning disc”. In summary, chakras can be described as energy centres within our subtle body.

Our subtle body is made up of several layers; physical being the outermost layer followed by emotional and mental bodies. The spiritual layer is the deepest level which houses the chakras.

There are seven main chakras that run along the spine starting at its base through to the crown of one’s head:
– Root
– Sacral
– Solar plexus
– Heart(Anahata)
– Throat(Vishuddha)
– Third eye(Ajna)
– Crown (Sahasrara).

Each of these ‘wheels’ symbolize different traits such as grounding (root) or communication (throat). Our bodily functions correlate with each respective wheels’ function making them crucial in maintaining overall health ~~both physically~~ mentally and spiritually.

Signs Your Chakra Needs Alignment

Now that we have established our understanding let us move on towards identifying when one needs their “wheels” checked.

Here are some signs:

You’re consistently anxious without any known cause

If you notice feelings of anxiety or panic attacks, try locating your root chakra.

Feeling emotionally numb/not connected

If you’re feeling disconnected from both yourself and others, be sure to check on the solar plexus chakra as it ties into our self-worth.

Health issues Body aches

Certain physical symptoms are signs that there may be some energy blockages in corresponding areas of your body. Migraines could signify an issue with the Third Eye Chakra for example.


The throat chakra can affect communication whereas difficulty concentrating may indicate an unaligned crown chakra.

These don’t necessarily define certainty one is out of alignment but if experienced regularly checking up on your ‘energetic system’ (AKA balance) will do more good than harm.

How Can I Align My Chakras?

So now we’ve established what they mean and when you might need them aligning let’s dive further into how one can do so.

Meditation Is Key

One prominent method highlighted by practitioners is meditation, specifically ‘chakra meditation’. The practice takes about 20-30 minutes where you focus solely^1 on each ‘wheel’ in sequence. This exercise helps recognise any imbalances ^2 The steps usually:

- For beginners, start lying down comfortably.
   -Take deep breathes in through the nose while inhaling concentrate deeply on each wheel breathing air around that point . Imagine it slowly glowing brighter doing this till all wheels have been focused upon.
- A simple soundtrack or guided video may help for those who find silence daunting^3

Meditation has links with many benefits such being able reduce physical pain^4; helping improve sleep conditions^5 along with mental health aid which make pushing past initial skepticism worth a shot.

Deciding On Mantras And Affirmations

Another approach surrounds using “mantras” and affirmations, phrases repeated focused on a specific chakra as positive reinforcement ^6. Examples include:

-For the root chakra try  "I Am Safe"
  -For confidence boosting with the solar plexus you could go for something like "I Am Strong And Capable".
   -Affirming I am Grateful is associated with the heart works wonders.

These aren’t necessarily scientific methods, but speaking positively to ourselves goes a long way towards bettering one’s overall outlook on life!

Reduce Clutter & Negative Energy

Less physical techniques to improve balance also consist of getting rid of obstacles that may be worsening various blocks in your body’s energy flow.

- This includes reducing digital devices in sleeping areas 
    - Keeping space clean through utilizing sage smudging or any incense which creates calming vibrations
    - Daily exercise plus healthy eating habits can encourage more stable equilibrium^7 .

Added stressors negatively impact our bodies, so it’s important to declutter unnecessary items to allow clarity and ‘zen’ in both our personal spaces.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while there remains disagreement about potential relaxation effects resulting from aligning medication techniques used by other methods such as meditation aligns well regardless whether pursued momentarily or over a longer period. Positive thinking certainly doesn’t harm anyone either! With all these mindful practices shared here today resolving overall energetic imbalances will generate happiness wellbeing physically emotionally dependant upon consistent balancing.

Hopefully this guide has convinced skeptics who weren’t quite sure what Chakras entailed taking away knowledge something new never hurts after all!


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Happy Balancing folks :)!

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