How to administer nitroglycerin?

Nitroglycerin Sublingual administration

Sublingual, from the Latin for “under the tongue”, refers to the pharmacological route of administration by which substances diffuse into the blood through tissues under the tongue. Many drugs are designed for sublingual administration, including cardiovascular drugs, steroids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, opioid analgesics, enzymes and, increasingly, vitamins and minerals.

Tablet Dosage and Administration Administer one tablet under the tongue or in the buccal pouch at the first sign of an acute anginal attack. Allow tablet to dissolve without swallowing. One additional tablet may be administered every 5 minutes until relief is obtained.

What are the routes of administration for nitroglycerin? Sublingual medications are administered by placing the drug under the tongue, leaving it there until the drug’s fully absorbed. Nitroglycerin, the drug for angina and myocardial infarction patients, is given sublingually. Once absorbed, Nitroglycerin is absorbed by the body in as fast as 30 seconds or less.

When should I take a nitroglycerin pill? Nitroglycerin is usually taken at the first sign of chest pain. You may use nitroglycerin sublingual within 5 to 10 minutes before an activity you think might cause chest pain. Try to rest or stay seated when you take nitroglycerin (may cause dizziness or fainting).

What happens if you take nitroglycerin? Taking nitroglycerin when not needed can lead to severe headaches for one. It also could lead to an unsafe drop in blood pressure and can cause tachycardia which is a rapid heart rate, palpitations and fainting.

How should I take nitroglycerin? To use a nitroglycerin tablet or capsule: Take the tablet or capsule 60 minutes before or 2 hours after eating. Swallow the pill with a glass of water. Don’t break, chew, or crush the tablet or capsule. To use a nitroglycerin ointment: Measure the prescribed amount of ointment onto the paper that comes with it.

How long does nitroglycerin last after opened?

How long does nitroglycerin last after opened? The sublingual nitrogycerin tablets should be placed after 6 months, once the bottle is opened. Otherwise it is good until the expiry date on the bottle. 3 minutes after sublingual nitroglycerin administration and reaches a maximum by 5 minutes postdose.

How often can I take nitroglycerin tablets? Nitroglycerin is not expensive and it is not habit forming. For this reason patients can take it several times a day without any harm. Slow release or extended-release capsules are usually taken in pill form 3 to 4 times a day.

How many Nitroglycerin can you take? Do not administer more than 3 tablets of sublingual nitroglycerin. This is the maximum dosage of sublingual nitroglycerin that can be taken at one time. Allow at least 12 hours before administering another dose.

How long are nitroglycerin tablets good for? The shelf life for sublingual nitroglycerin tablets is 6 months, once the original bottle is opened. If the bottle is unopened then the tablets will have a shelf life until the expiry printed on the bottle.