How to activate pituitary gland to increase height?

Everybody wants to look tall and handsome, isn’t it? People wear heels, insert pads in their shoes, stretch themselves on bed thinking they will grow stronger. But the truth is that height solely depends upon genetics. However, don’t lose hope yet, there are ways through which you can stimulate your pituitary gland responsible for secreting human growth hormone (HGH). This article will take you through a step-by-step journey on how to activate your pituitary gland naturally (yes! without injecting steroids or taking injections).

What is a Pituitary Gland?

You heard of the hypothalamus? The tiny but mighty organ present in our brain controls various body functions including thirst, hunger, sleep cycle and sex drive- sounds fascinating right? What if I tell you it couldn’t have performed all these functions alone?! It relies on the pituitary gland located underneath it like some people rely on energy drinks after pulling an all-nighter.

The pituitary gland weighs less than a gram could make us win gold medals with its production of hormones affecting vital organs such as thyroid glands adrenals ovaries/ testicles etc.) .It produces 7 types of hormones that regulate metabolic rate,milk production,blood pressure and PMS symptoms(well..thanks!).

Why should we bother about the growth hormone?

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HGH is produced by the anterior lobe of pituitary gland inside THe BrainstEm.Yeah! Pretty Important stuff.Could be elevated naturally when physically active or asleep.Growth Hormone works magic when it comes to increasing height, rebuilding tissues, weight loss,and maintaining good bone density. The average growth hormone production range is between .9 mg and 3.0mg per day.So let’s dive in on how we can benefit from this tiny pea-sized organ!

Get Plenty Of Sleep!

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Starting with the obvious one- sleeping! Nothing feels better than a night of uninterrupted sleep,right? It could even increase your chances of growing taller! It has been researched that HGH secretion peaks during deep phases of slumber.This implies that you need to have frequent naps along with regular solid eight-hour sleep to help support factors which affect Secretion(e.g levels of glucose).Also make sure their’s no disturbance or distractions around ,let loose use extra pillows and get cozy for a long potential TALL nap!

Incorporate protein in your diet

Ever heard someone talking about whey protein shakes?they might be athletes trying to gain muscle mass but it turns out proteins are actually fundamental building blocks which not only contribute in forming muscles,but also vital organs like liver,kidneys heart etc.;But if we were just made up of proteins..(Boring)..Proteins carry amino acids aiding human cells as well.Aminoacids(individual units) have some serious effects when it comes to reproduction,hormone,functioning,blood pressure regulation,nervous system coordination AND Growth Hormone stimulation(Yeah..Why didn’t I Know this before!).High protein diets include consumption through meats,eggs,Fish,Tofu Nuts And dairy products.

Though there is still limited data backing evidence,growth Hormones seem to respond more effectively when combined with resistance training
or high/high-to-moderate-intensity biking sprints.( Warning:nothing hurts as bad a day after the leg workout).Protein and amino acid supplements could be taken ,however Natural protein sources are always recommended.

Don’t shy away from sunlight

Vitamin D which we get directly from Sunlight(between 7-9 am) or through dairy products,plays a significant role in bone health.Its been noted that Vitamin D deficiency tends to decrease growth hormone.While also aiding bones, calcium is mostly useless if not paired up with vitamin D thus rendering it ineffective for maintaining height. So remember kids sunscreens may prevent burns but some amount of sunshine is healthy!

Avoid scam-based remedies

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When looking for ways to increase your height ensure you steer clear of snake-oil sellers who claim to know secrets on how to increase insulin levels (Noticeable but would require lot more assistance than Growth Hormone), synthetic drugs(Trust me no one wants side effects like poor vision organ complications,painful spine till later years even if it temporarily spikes HGH production)or unregulated powders/substances/injections circulating social media.This will lead us down a path short-lived joy and long-term regret along with an empty wallet unless they got ‘Money-back’😅

In conclusion

Growing inch by inch sure is challenging when everything seems against our favor,but believing there’s hope helps.Having enough rest,Crunching proteins and carrying ourselves in the appropriate environment can enhance that hgh secretion helping kick start those sorely missed growth spurts.(Realistically boosting Height only fills ones clothes well shouldn’t impact personal life goals)..Nonetheless take inspiration from celebrities like Kevin Hart who seem to own flocks of high heeled shoes! 👉👔#funshortpeoplefacts

Hope this article left you better Edumacated and feeling funnily satisfied,Ya’ catch my drift?😉