How to activate chakras in our body?

Get ready to unblock your chakras and bring the positive energy flowing through your body with these easy tips! You don’t need any fancy crystals or incense, just a willingness to embrace your inner hippie. As we say around here: “Namaste, bitches!”

Get into it – Relax!

Before diving headfirst into chakra activation, you’ll want to take some time to relax. Trust us on this one – trying to open up your energy centers when you’re stressed out is like trying to drive without gas in the tank. Let’s create an environment that will help us get in the zone.

Make Some Tea

First things first, let’s make ourselves a cup of tea. Green tea would be perfect for this exercise as it has natural antioxidants which can soothe our nerves and provide relaxation by promoting alpha brain waves production.

Clear Up The Space

Now that we have our fresh brewed green tea at hand; let’s clear up some space where we can sit comfortably while doing this exercise. We recommend using cushions or pillows that are soft enough so as not put too much pressure on our lower back blockages during meditation.

Guided Medition?

Unleash those chakras with guided meditation. Find a comfortable position, legs cross-applesauce style (not quite grapevines…you know), close those peepers and focus on visualization exercises about each specific part of your body better known as Mudra. Do whatever works best for ya!

Root Chakra First & Foundational Support

It’s time now for opening up the root chakra! This is located at the bottom of spine between anus and genitals…and yes you read right folks 🙂 . It represents foundational support aka Mother Earth; try picturing yourself tapping into primal energies deep beneath layers of earth. Maybe get in a mud pit to really connect with roots, if that’s too messy then go outside or just go on youtube and watch others getting dirty.

Every time you inhale, picture energy moving up from your foundation and every time exhale, visualize negativity leaving your atmosphere through your feet.

Yoga Pose Time

You can enhance the root chakra with specific yoga poses such as malasana aka squats or trikonasna slo slamma jamma pose which does help open our pelvic area (you’re welcome)

Second Chakra Focus: Creativity & Downtime

After rooting ourselves deep down into Mother Earth let’s move onto the next! The sacral chakra is located directly beneath the belly button – deepest part of abdomen. Here we find creativity and downtime energies; it represents sex organs because without those babies we wouldn’t have future generations to dig dirt like us!

This time try picturing flowing water throughout as symbolizes movement in life aka FLOW! When inhaling focus on lower stomach area only while exhaling letting out any unhealthy energies stored here – this keeps vitality alive!

Checkin’ Out Those Hips…

The best exercises for sacral stimulation would be some hip gyrations moves-could be dancing slow motion vibes or spinning around in circles till dizzy…and please don’t overdo it so much that you fall over yourself.

Pairing sacral charka activation with solo adult entertainment has been an ancient tradition- curiosity killed the cat afterall 🙂

Third Chakra Powerhouse: Inner Strength

Welcome to #3 Solar Plexus Charka, gets activated by pure willpower and governs down solar plexus where we store resentment issues towards people who did us wrong etc( not a joke..we all have them). Focus on imagining bright yellow light streaming outwards when doing breathing exercises—-when feeling heavy exhalations think about that exhale being loaded with all of your natural healing powers moving through tense muscles and out of the skin.

Body Pump

Good news for those pumped up peeps! Crunches, plank; any body-pumping exercise works here.

The Fourth One: Love & Gratitude

Our next chakra is heart chakra – the one everyone knows… love n gratitude etc. It sits in with chest region between both nipples psst..if you didn’t know where they were located. We bond with inner self alongwith mother Earth by inviting green light to every cell we own while inhaling – this keeps positive vibes around us which aids rejuvenation too.

Visualizing a high point in our lives or reminding ourselves how much we’re loved and appreciated can also help activate it!

Forgive…and forget?

Forgiveness unlocks doors, makes your spirit free from resentment issues therefore no surprises when paired simultaneously alongwith heart-opening yoga poses like Ustrasana aka Camel pose work wonders !

Fifth Charka for Communication

Up next Throat chakra, located at top of lungs. Helps voice expressiveness possible.This energy center area makes communication happen,speaking wise.Let’s say FREEDOM TO EXPRESSION on this one! Imagine bright blue bird singing away as inhaling (no mooing people) releasing unwanted negativity into word form additionally warms its vibrations performing hums sanskrit spells aka “Om”.The more singing,yawning even laughing done during actication opens up through throat “chuckles” happy vibes only

Pairing throat-activatedness alongside an unexpected karaoke session won’t be a bad idea either.

Sixth Charka Is About Seeing Clearly

Third Eye Chakra time 🙂 … Above eyebrows deep within head bone is home sweet home for power packed smart ass third eye .Opening it requires space clearing exercises of mind,body ,soul as it’s related with ability to see spiritual perspectives aka toward third eye. Taking time out for a quiet and peaceful meditation alongside concentrating on breathing properly helps this chakra being mellowed.

Time For Eye Gym…

Yoga poses; dristi techniques can help – focus on specific body points while meditating ,tilting your vision shifts etc., all of these exercise that lovely little area aboard our forehead is going make you feel smart af !

Crown Charka Won

Our final chakra the crown charka represents connection from Earth towards God(congregation is allowed people) located atop head where baby soft spot used to be.This cranial nerve energy assists in detaching us outside distractions therefore entering peace within ourselves.When think “mildness”, visualize light from every direction streaming into our face.

Peaceful exercises like gentle yoga works extremely well partnered alongwith mindful activities like tai chi, simply squaring shoulders and deep breathing mind cleanse prior to dealing with any personal work will create seamless flow ! .

By following some or all of these steps we mentioned its effortless peasy,working around those pesky fluid blockages will be absolutely worth effort since they’re bound become positively charged once again thereafter.Namaste & Go Get Em!

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