How to accept medicare?

So you just hit the age of 65, huh? Congrats! You’re officially old enough for your AARP membership and eligible for Medicare. Get ready to receive an influx of mail from various insurance companies begging you to let them be your plan provider. But with all those options coming at you like Death Eaters in Harry Potter, how do you know which one to choose? Fear not my dear reader, I’m here to guide through this confusing yet necessary process.

What is Medicare?

Before we jump into accepting it, let’s first understand what exactly it is. Medicare is a federal health insurance program that covers people who are 65 years or older as well as some individuals under 65 who have certain disabilities or End-stage renal disease (ESRD) – yes, this means that even if you’ve got issues with peeing frequently due to kidney problems (bless), they’ve got your back too! The program has four parts: A,B,C & D which cover different aspects such as hospital stays(vs outpatient care), doctor visits,vaccinations etc.

Now that we’ve covered what it entails, let’s dive into HOW TO ACCEPT it!

How To Enroll For Your Letter Of Quit

Ahoy there matey! Before starting anything else make sure ya gatherin’ around these documents:

  1. Social Security statement
  2. Proof of U.S citizenship OR legal residency status if born outside US.
  3. Prescription drugs list( If applicable)

Now call up medicare on their website( apply for the letter of quit. Once approved , raise a flag high and proud- cuz now ye can say bye-bye t’ya priavte insurer

Part A&B Done…What About C&D?

Looks like somebody already did their homework eh?
After recieving confirmation , ye’ll be automatically enrolled into part A and B.
High five to that savvy person(later, cuz Covid!). Now.. Now we gotta look at Part C & D.

(Part C) Advantage Plans

Woaah ! You mean there’s an Advantage plan?! Smart addition of the attractive name there. With this option, you get additional benefits like vision,dental etc as well as an ‘out-of-pocket maximum’(OOPM). Every year it gets readjusted so check with Medicare for OOPMs in 2021.

  • Check oot da tingz u cud git:
    • Additional Doctor visits
      • Some include dental rxam and cleaning too!
    • Slammed up Prescription benefits!
    • They’ve got more coverage compared to just using Original plan D on its own

Sassy Yo! But make sure ya check if your doctors are still included before choosing advantage plans else yer goin’ straight ta Davy Jones Locker- I kid..erm not really.

(Part D) Drumroll Please!

If being dizzy were a good thing then boy would we all feel pretty darn dandy after knowing about Medicare Part D . Ain’t no time for sleep here though because those prescriptions ain’t gonna fill themselves.

To obtain ample drug coverage…Ha Ha ur trapt lady(or guy)! Just when you thought that sailing through was easy eh? This part requires selecting appropriate drugs; what’s covered; and details around quantities/limits/frequency etc. Remember one size doesn’t fit all! Have no fear Sailor Saturn is here(after Neptune declined), ready to tell thee how ta choose tha RIGHT PLAN!

Choosing The Right Plan : Dark or light Magic?

Just kidding fam, but honestly sometimes it feels like choosing between sorcery types(just refer Harry Potter #duh). The best way forward is comparison shopping – analyze options, premiums and which drugs are covered what not. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for deductibles too! And if at first ye don’t succeed ,well then go back through it again and maybe… choose a new plan?!

Options For Those Who Want More

Yer like Oliver Twist ,Always asking or looking for more? If ya want, there’s always the option of additional plans from private insurance companies.

Is Original Medicare more your style?
Puurrfectly paw-some choice- you can add up MedB & D(additional premium)which will provide ample coverage( coz isn’t doubling fun!).

Or prob better idea why not look into –
1. Medicare Supplement Insurance(A.K.A “Medigap”)- This is insurance sold by PRIVATE insurers that helps cover ‘gaps’ in costs left after Part A&B

Just check these things before signing right away: Cost factors; Covers Specific conditions(is cancer or diabetes targeted); Ratings provided by each state.
2. Medicaid-
As “Alice in Wonderland” authors say, “why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” our context though it’s easy just do some research and verify whether yer eligible via low income status.

End Note: Whilst accepting any form of change feels very much akin to leaving the womb one cannot deny that making informed decisions on this matter previously seemed near impossible or was perceived so, however with the details laid down here we hope t’was smoother sailing!

                 ?????|Thank you Mateys ! |?????

Feel free to leave comments/suggestions/well wishes or…pokémon suggestions?? We’ll try our bestest!

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