How to absorb other people’s energy?

Are you tired of your own energy and looking for ways to absorb other people’s energy? Are you constantly feeling drained and need a quick fix to feel rejuvenated again? Look no further because we have got just the solution for you!

Absorbing other people’s energy can be a tricky business if not done properly, but fear not! We have got some foolproof tips on how to do it like a pro.

Identify your Target

The first step in absorbing someone else’s energy is identifying your target. You don’t want to go around absorbing negative energies from people, do you? No one wants that kind of unnecessary drama in their life.

So make sure you choose wisely when selecting someone whose positive vibes will benefit you. It could be anyone – a friend, family member or even someone at work who radiates positivity.

Make sure they are also approachable and willing to offer their good vibes before taking action as this makes it much easier on both parties.

Find Your Inner Zen

Before jumping into the process of absorbing positive energies from another person, sit down for 10 minutes, take deep breaths and find your inner zen. Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by bright white healing light, purging any negativity or unease within yourself.

This will help position yourself mentally which is extremely instrumental as the process involves breathing techniques with ‘different’ individuals’ exhalations consciously absorbed through mindful exhaling over time – quite trippy huh?!

The Power Of Eye Contact

Once identified, seek out physical contact with them i.e., an honest gaze whereupon they catch eye contact with ease plus/minus prolonged duration (not creepy way!), so casual genial hello would always come handy here!. Make sure there’s no awkwardness between both parties during eye greeting(s).

Look for nonverbal cues of interest or positive reception on their end to keep the interaction flowing naturally. If they seem off-put by your gaze, maybe change approach and try someone else.

Strike a Conversation

Ease into starting a conversation. We recommend picking something light-hearted and casual that won’t put them under any kind of pressure or catch them off guard.

You wouldn’t want anyone thinking you are being nosey (even if you are) , so be sure it feels genuine.

Some ideas could include the weather, how they’re doing at work, family or even recent hobbies that you may have observed but keeping away from sensitive topics such as politics. This will help in creating an environment where energies can comfortably flow between both parties without resistance.

Mirror Their Posture

A subtle yet effective way to establish rapport is by mirroring their posture in a flattering manner like so:

  • Sit with legs slightly crossed
  • Lean forward inclined to hear what they’re saying,
  • Smile reassuringly when appropriate.

This technique shows empathy and understanding gives good vibes before exhaling followed by intentional inhalation (don’t forget!)

Be A Great Listener

Being an empathetic listener is always helpful! By honestly listening attentively with deliberate focus not only will this make them feel heard but also helps raise awareness towards directing all positive energy onto yourself because eventually the payoff lays with self-awareness plus external influence converging positively.

So don’t just listen; become fully invested in their story whilst maintaining eye contact which enables better circulation thus faster energized outcome _selfish ass_!

Get Closer Physically

To optimize inhaling potentiality without spooking out your subjects create close proximity gradually: e.g., subtly closing gaps using hands for emphases during conversations building up topical momentum which ensures slow & steady transition into more intimate areas beyond words Can we say “seduction“ #practically_whispers_that

Practice Makes Perfect!

Absorbing another person’s energy requires practice just like any other skill. Be conscious of your breathing pattern as it plays an instrumental role in absorbing someone else’s exhales.

Patience coupled with consistency should gradually energize body and soul over time, thereby becoming easier to master naturally reaching expert level for lucky individuals which eventually trickle down through positive day-to-day interactions.#EnergyDuplication – One powerful tool.

A Table: Human Energy Fields
|Energy Field|Color|Location|
|Etheric Body / Physical |Blue-Grayish |0-2 inches from surface emanating from skin |
|Emotional Body |Brilliant shades of the colors given by emotions experienced at a particular moment |3 -8 inches above physical and can range up to 3 feet when stimulated or aroused emotionally. |
|Mental Body |Yellow |1 foot above head && extends outward by approx 2ft |

Knowledge is power! Understanding these innate bodies helps one decipher which kind exploits are feasible for proper execution towards motivated outcome adding that extra flair into daily routine such as whilst exercising with fellow fitness fans on break-time work breaks


Once you’ve absorbed all the good vibes, remember to take care of yourself physically i.e., listen carefully how your body responds after successfully recharging under those external circumstances hydration, eating healthy protein rich foods e.g beans nuts fish meats

Making sure you stay hydrated always especially since fluids help keep everything moving internally plus don’t forget spicing things up mentally using stretching exercises movement/physical activity balance between alleviating mental solitude strain & relaxing digestively optimizes overall health gain without being too demanding.Just like puppies require taking good care too so does humans before during and after repetitive exposure esoteric stimuli

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, absorbing other people’s energy is a skill that you too can master with practice. By following these tips outlined in this article, you’re on your way to becoming an expert.

So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and start absorbing those positive vibes even if the results prove counterproductive over time #irony! Remember always that Rome wasn’t built within a day so every step counts towards being stronger than any negativity laying in wait which makes it continuously self-replenishing just it deserves i.e., after energizing others’ bodily’s replenish yours because they deserve it.