How soon does nexplanon start working?

If you’re looking for a contraceptive method that’s long-lasting and convenient, then nexplanon might just be the one for you! Not only is it more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, but it also lasts up to three years. But how soon does nexplanon start working? Let’s find out!

What is Nexplanon?

Before we dive into answering the million-dollar question – ‘how soon does nexplanon start working?’ let’s give some brief information about what exactly Nexplanon is.

Nexplanon is a hormonal birth control implant that gets inserted under the skin of your upper arm. Once inserted, it slowly releases progesterone hormone over a period of three years to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

How Long Before You Can Rely on Nexaplan?

As exciting as using new contraceptives can be, don’t get too excited and jump in bed right after getting this tiny device implanted (trust me on this)! Despite its convenience factor , there are still several factors to consider before relying solely on nexpanlon as contraception.

First four weeks

Only when properly inserted under sterile conditions by a healthcare professional will the implant provide birth control. In addition, It takes around seven days for it to work completely if placed within five days of menstrual onset.

Therefore additional or alternative contraceptives should be borne even during this initial period of time- better safe than sorry because nobody wants any surprises!

Fortunately though once those first thirty days have flown by without incident (i.e no accidental conceptions), women can rely solely upon their nexplanons going forth .

Emergency contraception

Consistent use helps maximize effectiveness; nevertheless emergency situations happen unforeseeably bringing with them close – calls especially dry spell ones, who else has been keeping am eye out these past dates like scared owls while also hoping not succumb to lust?

In any event, do not rely on Nexplanon as emergency contraception because it is neither designed nor approved for that purpose. If an accident happens, the morning after pill or other forms of emergency contraceptives should be taken.

Menstruation cycle and ovulation

Nexplanon prevents ovulation from occurring by releasing small amountsof hormones over time , which thicken cervical mucus thus inhibiting sperm movement- always a plus in our books ! . Consequently nexpanlon won’t reduce menstrual flow / alter its regularity dramatically; so if cyclic bleeding persistsladies needn’t fret about pregnancy – this doesn’t mean that they can just randomly skip their periods under the assumption that they are always protected. It’s imperative one speaks to a doctor before doing so.


So how soon does nexplanon start working? In summary, while there is no immediate answer (which is what every woman wants right), it’s recommended waiting at least seven days for maximum effect and ensuring alternative contraceptive measures specifically during the first month following insertion.To maximize safety when using contraceptive implants like nexaplan, contact your healthcare provider because different factors may influence effectiveness thereof.