How smartphone addiction is affecting our physical and mental health?

In this day and age, it seems that people cannot function without their trusty smartphones. Whether you’re standing in line at the supermarket or taking a break from work, you will always see someone scrolling through their phone like their life depended on it. But have we ever stopped to think about how this essential but tiny gadget is affecting our physical and mental health? In this hilarious yet informative article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how smartphone addiction is slowly killing us – one notification at a time.

Enter the Dumb Phone

Before we dive deep into the world of smartphones and how they are slowly destroying us (it’s not as dramatic as it sounds), let’s talk about the good old dumbphone.

For those who do not know what it is(firstly, congratulations), a dumbphone refers to any mobile phone that can only handle basic telephonic functions such as calling and texting (the horror!). Before the advent of smartphones, these devices were quite popular mainly because there was no other option available. Fast forward to today; nobody cares for them anymore. They have become analogs in a digital world which has no regards for things that cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

But did you know they could be great if used intentionally? Since they lack many features found on modern phones (Such as instant access to social media #ThankGod)they limit distractions massively. This makes them great during weekends away or unplugged vacations when somebody wants contact with loved ones without being constantly bugged by notifications (isn’t quiet so underrated)not forgetting drastically saving on screen time causing less eye strain since most are “dumber” versions hence having lesser screens compared to modern phones?

Looking back at flip-phones,

No advance features. Reduces distractions
Monochromatic screens Saves on Screen-time

Welcome To The World Of SmartPhones

Your smartphone is probably the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you put down at night(relax, it’s not that dramatic). It has become an essential part of our lives-a gateway to a world beyond. As time goes by, it seems impossible to picture life without them. But pro insight says its possible: all those apps we think control everything from communication, socializing, entertainment activities can be done with other platforms (except maybe asking your assistant Alexa if someone broke into your house).

The evolution of smartphones throughout the years have made access to information quite easy(like really easy), whether suffering from insomnia or checking for updates on current affairs or stalking that ex (also known as “productive” activity) . According to statistics (they never lie) more than half of smartphone users feel uneasy when without their devices which shows how much they depend on technology.
While there are some positive aspects about smartphones such as allowing us faster and easier ways of communicating with people around us (it’s pretty hard getting a letter delivered within seconds right?) , one might forget what exactly staring at screens does psychologically?

Staring At Screens

When using phones too long or too often in front of a screen causes many problems- like glares that cause undo strain-leading chances causing headaches (exactly what I need -more stress!) but most importantly permanent retinal damage especially now school has gone online.(I know virtual learning sucks! but let’s not get ourselves blind before even finishing)

There is also this blue light issue where upon looking at screens late-nights affects the body’s circadian rhythm hence makes it harder to fall asleep leading having sleeping disorders like insomnia(IDK who needs beauty sleep anyways) (cryptic sarcasm). Plus constantly checking notifications leads to anxiety/stress(Why not, add some more hidden fears and phobias for a start!)

In addition to mental health problems that smartphones are causing (and we ain’t even done listing them yet, the devices gradually affect our physiology. Here is how:

1. Vision Problems

It is common knowledge that prolonged screen usage causes vision problems (unless you live under a rock or with ants). In fact, the American Optometric Association discovered chronic mobile device use effects could lead to eye discomforts such as blurred visions, headaches and dry eyes.

However, modern technology has made it possible through applications provide blue light filters which filter out harmful blue lights making sure your eyes do not suffer thereby reducing eye strain.

2. Poor Posture

Smartphone usage can also mess up your spine alignment.(I know – who would have thought these small things could cause so much damage!). Many studies reveal looking down at screens for extended periods changes posture in long-term might end up affecting composition of C-spine making it hard while dealing with neck pain

So here’s what I suggest:(brace yourselves) whenever getting phone notifications train yourself up properly by:

  • Hold phones level with your face instead aims downwards,
  • Take breaks (Yeah try explaining taking breaks after every five minutes spent on phone)
  • Try another postures like putting pillows between shoulder/neck areas OR
  • Instead go tech free outside sometimes people; read a book 📖?

Remember prevention better than cure.

Taking A Break From Our Favorite Gadget?

We think its time we just admit; Smartphones may be an extremely helpful device but they tend to stick around distracting us from things that bring more productivity compared when they’re unavailable.What if somebody tried giving them rest? As shocking as this may seem , try putting them away for just 30 mins in a day from notifications (and you’ll notice what mental peace truly means)

There’s no denying that smartphones have made our lives easier and more convenient. But there are still some serious repercussions to be aware of – especially when we overuse them. If you’re finding yourself constantly glued to your screen, it may be time to set some boundaries and take control before your smartphone takes control of YOU!
Remember; your life isn’t an app!

Now if only somebody could make us put the phones down #lemmetakemysmartphoneoutbeforeit explodesonme

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