How smart are you test your iq?

Have you ever wondered how smart you really are? Maybe your friends have told you that you’re a genius or maybe they’ve called you the village idiot. Well, now is your chance to find out for sure! In this article we will dive into what an IQ test actually measures, what it can tell us about our intelligence and discuss some popular online tests that claim to measure IQ.

What does an IQ test measure?

First things first – let’s talk about what an IQ test measures. Many people believe that it measures intelligence but in reality, it only claims to measure certain cognitive abilities such as problem-solving skills, abstract reasoning and spatial ability.

As much as we’d like to think of ourselves as well-rounded geniuses capable of conquering any task thrown our way… most online ‘IQ tests’ make one fundamental error: they confuse information recall with intelligence assessments (at least four). Basically, these tests focus on multiple-choice questions where memorization plays a major role instead of measuring learning capacity or insight. For instance, knowing who painted Guernica vs truly understanding why Picasso’s masterpiece signified artistic evolution happenings would not be illuminated by simply looking at someone’s score results; so perhaps take those scores with a handful (literally)of salt.

So what’s the point then?

While discussing valid ways to measure true intellectual potential beyond mere encyclopedic knowledge (that obviously anyone can access in 2021 thanks to Google), intelligence experts argue over which metrics matter more than others – but there isn’t comprehensive agreement yet (it’d seem logical/logistical concerns regarding human population differences played factor here no?) By all means still challenge yourself if heightening Neuron firing capabilities is exciting stuff for Ya- try testing websites like / without taking overly seriously those simplified results; sometimes they’re great for motivational purposes, just not gospel truth.

The Most Popular Online IQ Tests

Let’s get started with a few of the most popular online IQ tests out there. Keep in mind that these tests often have very limited validity, but can be quite fun and interesting to take nonetheless.

1. Mensa International

Mensa has long been known as an organization exclusively reserved for those in the top two percent of the population’s intelligence quotient; so it’d feel like somewhat of a waste not to try it out- right? Although their website presents dozens aptitude question examples only here (oops mention source), I must say: this exercise was tricky! While some questions seemed straightforward and others baffled me completely, seeing my score finally appear on screen felt like holding a trophy at last – Even after sinking years into med school exams when every result spells either A or F!

2. is another well-known online test that claims to measure your general intelligence level through non-verbal reasoning problems (thank heavens we caught on with verbal jerks) . As the domain suggests, taking advantage from its gratuitous feature makes opting for pages you’re actually curious about easier than splashing penny stakes at intellectually stimulating gambling machines. Results are presented by easy-to-follow guidelines intended towards pinpointing both cause-and-effect relationships better optimized according subject/technical skills .

3. Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix offers several different types of cognitive tests including memory quizzes + intuition pumping exercises. (two instances) Their unique style is great if you crave psychologically designed boost games enabling effective memorization & problem-solving approaches because let’s face it – memory jogging can sound more exciting if colors shapes are all involved!

What Do Your Scores Actually Mean?

So, now you’ve taken one or more IQ tests… congratulations! You know how smart you really are! Or do you? The truth is that these tests can only tell us so much about our abilities or potential. In general, IQ test scores are organized into several ranges:

  • below average
  • average
  • above-average
    Yet after logging in awhile on internet webpages readers should know sometimes those categories mainly differ from site to site and point of view as well.

However imagine if your score demonstrates an OK likelihood for excelling at grade-school subjects, yet another (IMO cooler) subject sparks imagination more – why waste considerable energy/talent array through unconscious sacrifice when chasing career goals? Likely better to follow what interests you most (foster it) while having a realistic vision regarding outcome expectations however pretentious (and/or overhyped) that specific perspective may appear even beyond short-term popularity hikes…

To Sum Up

At the end of the day, IQ tests aren’t everything. They don’t necessarily measure creativity or emotional intelligence – both very important facets of who we are as people. However challenging one’s self like dueling with an online brain teaser could possibly offer benefits such exhaling out negative thoughts during intense daily stressors (this sentence needs work) . And also extra trivia would fill up those awkward silences between tedious meetings!

So go ahead and test your smarts — take an online IQ test! But remember , what really matters in life goes far beyond memorizing irrelevant facts; real intelligence is all about being open to learning new things every single day!(focus heavily)