How should the nuvaring be positioned?

Ladies, we all know how difficult it can be finding the right contraceptive device. Between pills that make you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster and those pesky little spermicides that never seem to stay put, who knew one small piece of plastic could cause so much headache? Luckily for us, the NuvaRing is here to save the day (or prevent unwanted pregnancies at least). But before you go diving right in – pun intended – here’s everything you need to know about positioning the ring properly.

What is the NuvaRing?

First things first – let’s get down to brass tax; what even is a NuvaRing? No more tiny adhesive squares or gag-worthy caplets. This upgraded version combines both a safe level of hormones and convenient ease.
Exactly as it appears, its round shape makes this vaginal contraceptive easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy onto your game plan for protection against pregnancy.

Insertion Dos and Don’ts

It may sound crazy, but there actually is something wrong with just sticking any old multi-colored rubber band up inside yourself. Here are some tips on inserting safely:

Do Wear Gloves

In case anyone else was afraid they stumbled upon someone’s weird fetish convention while searching ‘Nuvaring blogs,’ safety first! Use gloves when handling anything sterile!

Don’t Forget About Lubrication

You guessed it – limited friction means less pain during insertion! Nobody likes hearing their boyfriend say “Sorry babe I missed” after doing… well… whatever he was trying to do if we position our fellow friend properly inside, complications should be few-and-far-between

Do Check Your Surroundings

We’re not talking about looking out for stray falling objects or accidentally walking into a DO NOT ENTER zone (or maybe we are). This includes being mindful of any potential obstacles that could disrupt the mystical placement inside your body. Safety is key (insert sassy finger snap here).

Don’t Leave it in too Long

Let me say this again: do not forget you put the rockin’ ring up there! Most rings stay for three weeks and one week out, so set a reminder to switch them out or prepare yourself from getting pregnant without even realizing it.

The NuvaRing Placement Guide

The actual NuvaRing positioning is probably what you came here for, isn’t it? Well my friends, let’s get right into how to position this little guy perfectly!

Step One: Wash Your Hands

Wow. Who would’ve guessed?! When getting all up in your lady parts (or wherever else our readers may have their genitalia), make sure those bad boys are clean enough for grandma. Do I really need to explain why?

Step Two: Sit Down and Squat a Little

If people ever saw you just standing outside on the street with an uncomfortable stance like squatting-n-shaking they’d think you were having convulsions but what better place than home?! Inserting while seated on toilet works best because gravity will help keep everything moving forward.

Happiest by far Unhappiest with pudding
Ladies who lose things often Ladies with short arms and legs
Women who travel frequently People stuck living paycheck-to-paycheck

Side Note:

It is worth noting some women do find putting their fine-tuned fingers inside can actually be more effective during standing/squatting(upright position) — But realistically when trying to enjoy bottomless mimosas or brunch biscuits (we understand) sitting down & letting gravity take its course has proven reliable as well.

Step Three: The Magic Folds

This is where the real magic happens. Similar to origami, carefully fold the ring in half with both hands until it resembles a delicious tuna roll.

Pro Tip #1: Using hand motions/illustrations when explaining this folding technique could lead to… improper interpretations. We don’t want lawsuit!

Pro Tip #2: Make sure your nails aren’t as long as a Kardashian’s because we need accuracy here! Don’t give role virgins too much rope — you finally found something tiny enough for you to handle and not feel like God was making jokes about you

Step Four: Insertion Time!

Squirt s little lubrication on top of those bad boys (or use some manufactured if that works best for ya) so they’ll slip into place easily. Next up- hold the folds tightly and let her rip – er, gently slide into its home-base.


Again, NuvaRings should typically only be replaced after 21 days inside (with one week out).

Step Five: Test Your Limits (Jello Shots Optional)

Great job teenagers/adult ladies alike! You successfully completed insertion without running either over your toes or off course.

Relax, grab comfortable pants & “test” it by going back to normal day-to-day activity; wear tampliners but really go run errands or maybe host any party themed around foods who taste better jiggly (please drink responsibly). In general just trying these activities will show whether or not everything seems secure and lined-up perfectly.


Although seemingly simple on paper looking at hormones can blindside even us headstrong modern women; all while acting as their own line-backer against fertilization… Sorry that metaphor lost me somewhere along the lines but what I – OR WE – can tell you is there’s nothing quite like ruining sexy time than having situationships complicated by unplanned parenthood. So take careful heed of where it sits, but more importantly…GO ON about living your badass life!

Enjoy the success that comes with an effective NuvaRing placement!

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