How reduce hyperpigmentation from face by dr shalini?

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your skin’s hyperpigmentation? Don’t fret, my lovelies! Dr. Shalini is here with some excellent tips and tricks on how to reduce hyperpigmentation from face.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Before we dive into our guide, let us first discuss what hyperpigmentation means for those who are new to this term in the beauty world.

Hyperpigmentation refers to an excess production of melanin in one section of your skin leading to a patchy appearance or dark splotches on your skin- it mostly happens due to prolonged exposure under the sun without proper care or as part & parcel of genetics.

Now that we’ve got an idea, let’s go over some fantastic ways Dr. Shalini has suggested combating this issue naturally!

1. Crush Vitamin C-filled Fruits

Vitamin C is well known for its antioxidant effects, which can make all the difference for our faces’ health barring any underlying issues. It helps even out blemishes and brighten up the overall appearance drastically.

Wondering how one can use crushed vitamin c fruits?

Firstly, pick up fresh papayas or strawberries and blend them until they become paste-like substances. Spread these mashed-up fruits on affected areas like spots or patches 3 times a week and leave it be till it dries off completely – BOOM! You should see visible differences soon enough after following through regularly.

The Science Behind It All

The citric acid contents within these fruits work hand-in-hand with their rich vitamins (such as Vitamin A) help unclog pores while also exfoliating dead cells; thus refreshing pigment discolourations simultaneously.

2.The Power of Honey Water Mixtures

Not only does honey have anti-inflammatory agents boosting glowing complexion efforts, but it has also been a trusted hyperpigmentation remedy for centuries now in our natural therapy treatments.

How to go about it?

Start by preparing one tsp of honey with water, and as part of your skincare routine, apply this blend on discoloured facial areas twice per week. Sit back and relax for 20 mins while the organic concoction does its magic.

The Science Behind It All

Honey is related to many skin-enhancing properties like hydration, reducing acne scars & being highly efficient against combating premature ageing signs.

3. Coconut Oil- The Natural Healer

Remember when we always heard grandmother’s remedies stating that there’s indeed no problem a coconut oil rubdown couldn’t solve? You’re not wrong – they were totally onto something!

Coconut Oil provides vitamins A & E essentials towards maintaining healthy-looking skin even after prolonged sun exposure.
Take some drops of coconut oil between your palms and rub ever so gently over affected patches or spots before bed three days weekly- Watch those blemishes disappear into oblivion!

Tip: Extra Virgin Coconut oil works best!!!

The Science behind it all

Thanks to Lauric Acid (what up ya fatty acid!) being present makes extra virgin COCO OIL an effective carrier agent getting deep down into the root causing problems hence rapidly producing new healthier skin tissues.

Examples Of Good Fruits For Hyperpigmented Skin

1. Lemon
2. Oranges
3. Strawberries
4. Cranberry Juice(Kido Time)!!!

All these fruits have excellent bleaching agents helping you fade away dark spills whilst packing plenty Vitamin C contents therein aiding brighter shiny complexion.
Like Dr Shalini says “It wouldn’t hurt incorporating them”.

Supplementing helps

Supplementing comes in handy when doing it naturally.

If you’re still struggling with hyperpigmentation on your skin despite using skincare remedies, opting for supplements could be an added bonus. Example- Vitamin C complex helps lessen pigmentation issues by obstructing tyrosinase activities creating melanin in the first place; inhibiting pigments from forming afresh.

Dr Shalini couches this as a great alternative for people who are non-responsive to natural methods or need fast results.

Maintain Good Diets

Yes, one cannot overstate that DIETS plays a key role in developing healthy skin and combating hyperpigmentation disorders like acne spots/pigmentations too.
Eating entire nutrient-filled foods rich in zinc or spices-like turmeric as seasoned additives! Vegetables such as carrots also do offer beneficial supplies of beta-carotene trusted contributors towards overcoming facial discolouration scenarios.

Now you know our top tips from Dr. Shalini herself on how to reduce hyperpigmentation from face and get back to rocking your youthful glow again!

Don’t forget these quick fixes won’t work overnight but consistent commitment will go a long way delivering those desired outcomes eventually!

Stay committed my lovelies!!!!

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