How old is hit girl in real life?

Have you ever watched the movie Kick-Ass? If not, you’re missing out! The irreverent super-hero hit was a breath of fresh air in a genre that can take itself too seriously. One character who stood out from the pack was Mindy Macready, aka Hit Girl. She’s played by Chloe Grace Moretz and wow did she put on a performance!

But with her badass combat skills and acerbic wit came one question: how old is Hit Girl in real life?

Who is Hit Girl?

Before we dive into straight-up numbers let’s recap who our girl Mindy actually is.

Mindy grows up with her father Damon Macready (played by Nicolas Cage), training as a vigilante since childhood to fight crime alongside him as well as their superhero alter egos Big Daddy and Hit-Girl.

Hit-Girl is probably one of the most violent child characters I am yet to see on-screen (apart from Damien in The Omen movies). She wields knives like they were extensions of her own arms, has no filter when it comes to delivering sharp quips – she’s pretty much everything an antihero should be if they were tiny enough to run between your legs!

However this makes us forget that at some point in time an actor had been casted to portray young warrior princess; so again how old could she have been back then?

So…how old IS HIT GIRL?

Here’s where things get tricky. In-universe timeline vs reality really messes with predictions plus there are moments while watching where my logical part wonders just ‘what parent would allow their kid do something like this?’

Honestly speaking, trying to find concrete evidence indicating Moretz exact age at filming feels almost harder than taking down Frank D’Amico himself.

Okay but let me try…

After digging through years worth of interviews and the depths of the dark web, I discovered that Chloe Moretz was born on February 10th (of course there’s still a good chance this is rubbish.) in 1997.

We Know She Wasn’t A Toddler…

The first Kick-Ass movie started its filming sometime in September/October of 2008. In order to keep child actors safe from exploitation, labor laws restricts how many hours and what kind of work environment minors can be involved in.

Hollywood productions gets themselves some sneakiness by going ahead and casting twins siblings who then take turns acting, thereby making it okay for them to film around school time with limited inconvenience caused.

Therefore our girl Chloe would had been ineligible as per regulations or most likely played hooky whenever she showed up anywhere near theater sets.

So When Exactly?

From my scrounging skills goodness alone knows realistically how accurate we can claim so let’s have fun with an assumption that Hit Girl blew us all away at either age:

  • Eleven ( As she may well have turned twelve during pre or post-production)
  • Or probably worse; nine

For now though realise that these are best guesses based off how long ago various things were filmed – rather than any hard facts.

An interesting side note

Chloe Grace Moretz also made quite the uproar because her character seemed to push boundaries as a young girl swearing like a sailor while delivering bloody gruesome kicks.

This led people of different ages finding offence where they soughted it – either focusing on the cursing aspect calling out bad parenting OR basically condemning underage actors being allowed exposure to extreme scenes.

It just goes further highlight again how provocative and controvertial kickass truly was!

And There You Have It!

In conclusion let me say this: no one really knows exactly when Chloe Grace Moretz filmed her version Hit Girl but we do know it was prior to February 2010 (the kickass movie released year). So all we can truthfully clarify is that:

  • She was under thirteen years old (… hopefully)
  • More importantly, despite the clear child abuse they exposed her character too, she delivered an awesome performance!