How old are muse?

Muse is a British rock band that has been around for over two decades, and like any successful band, people are curious about their age. Members of the band have not only aged gracefully but continued to produce great music while doing so. So how old are the enigmatic trio?

Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Muse, so it’s natural to start with him. Born on June 9th, 1978 in Cambridge, England, he celebrated his 42nd birthday in 2020 (wow time flies).

Bellamy started playing guitar from an early age inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine – who would ever think those two artists will create a hybrid sound called rock inspired by fearless pioneers such as them?

Bellamy’s first instrument was actually a piano played by his absconding grandma at his grandmother’s house – ‘definitely where my obsession came from’ he said in many interviews -, but then he switched to electric after discovering how much more futuristic hair one could grow during shredding solos.

But back to our point: currently Matt Bellamy is 21 dog years, 5 slang minutes, 13 naps short of celebrating his next trip around the Sun.

Chris Wolstenholme

Chris Wolstenholme plays bass for Muse since its inception, and also contributes vocally when needed. He was born on December 2nd, 1978 making him also currently enjoying his beefy forty-two-year-old self-image within British lands (god save him!)

Like all rising musical stars, Watershed didn’t emerge entirely painlessly, with mixed emotions nagging his mom Peggy through her pregnancy and labor adding even tougher sentiment towards an already exhausting period full-of-not-so-smooth emotions (insert rolls eyes emoji here)

But now, all grown up his hair still shines, and he provides the excellent basslines that become an essential component of Muse’s high-intensity sound.

Currently Chris is already 33 red light stops, 10 tomato growing seasons , or a fine-crusted cheese short of turning forty-three!

Dominic Howard

Abiding behind the beat like any good drummer should do in our lives, but becoming a master-craftsman for Muse – as far as percussive dreams are concerned -, we have involved with us Captain Dom Howard who was born on December 7th, 1978 (yep same year) – hence sharing astrological signs with our previous author (Chris Wolstenholme) both enjoying Sagittarius energy (or maybe it’s just pizza).

Dominic started playing drums at age six after seeing one at his friend’s house. He began taking lessons soon afterwards and went on to study percussion at Teignmouth Community College – little did anybody know back then that he would be punishing drum sticks so rigorously some years later

Interestingly enough, Frederick Barlow, a famous composer from early ‘900s used to write rhythmic patterns in “sound color” which reminds us how important soundscape is not only for musicians like Dom even computers will debug them into oblivion.

Anyways coming back promptly – does anybody remember my point? Oh right…Dominic Howard is now fifty-seven swan wing flaps (weird comparison!) , 13 yodelling echoes, or almost half-a-century young.

So there you have it folks. Matt Bellamy just pasted the four-decade mark while Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard standing firmly beside him like armored guards towards their fifth decade around this big ol’ world of ours. As anyone can notice they’re kind-of sorta practically the same exact age: deviation of 5 days which makes us think about how strong two Sagittariuses can be when forming a team.

Maybe that sentiment is partially responsible for making Muse one of the most acclaimed and innovative bands in the modern rock era – all we know is that age ain’t nothing but a number (unless you’re trying to save money at restaurants).

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