How often does mirena release hormones?

So, you’re considering getting a Mirena IUD, or perhaps you already have one and are curious about how it works. In either case, you may be wondering how often the device releases hormones into your body. Fear not my hormonal friend! We’ve put together this hilarious article to help set the record straight on just how frequently those hormone-releasing powerhouses fire away.

What is Mirena?

Before we dive into the question of hormone release timing, let’s take a minute to review what exactly Mirena is for those who aren’t familiar with it. Ok then; Insert in Mum Voice- “Mirena (levonorgestrel intrauterine system) is an FDA-approved form of contraception that can prevent pregnancy for up to five years.” Sounds impressive till she finishes- “…supplemental measures may need to be taken after such time.”

It consists of a small T-shaped plastic frame that gets loaded up with synthetic progesterone (a.k.a. progestin), which continuously infiltrates your uterine lining at precisely timed intervals (like an ovulation tracking app).

The Hormonal Down-Low

Mum Voice: “Now ladies and gentlemen pay attention ndōbrovo!

So now back to our regularly scheduled programming…when it comes down(haha)to when exactly these magical birth control hormones get released from turns out they work like tiny little timers set by the Big Guy above himself according to mysteriously silent actors industry leaders at Bayer Pharmaceuticals,the makers of Mirena!

We could write more but since mum overheard our subconscious agitation we shall desist from posting anything unverified seeing as there won’t be anywhere else for us mere mortals/nonwriters(😎) pun intended technically sophisticated enough words.”

Things We Know:

  • Mirena releases a low, steady dose of hormone directly into your uterus each day.
  • This small release means you’re not going to feel any sort of hormonal surge as you might with other forms of birth control.
  • The amount being released is on a sub-microscopic level that it wouldn’t even register in an over-the-counter pregnancy test.

The Secret Hormone Formula

Ok fine we’ll give you some numbers.. but they’re boring so get ready & hold tight! Mirena has 52 mg total levonorgestrel trapped inside the plasticky applique. Over the five year span this sum spews out ( yes..dramatic enough?We thought so too) the amount could be roughly 0.02mg/24hrs . If we didn’t lose u already the number averages down to approximately (🥁drumroll) 08 -20 micrograms per day. These hormones are what make it difficult for sperm cells to travel far up into your uterus and fertilise an egg, inhibiting ovulation,

In short,“little small doses at regular recurrent timerintervals”….and their superpower remains regardless of how fertile or much sleep-deprived ye may be!


So there ye have it folks; How Often Does Mirena Release Hormones? Roughly every single freakin’ day! Whether or not this constant stream of synthetic progesterone fits in with your reproductive goals depends on each individual’s specific needs.

Bonus Mum Voice Fact

“Extended use slightly increases its effectiveness(more than if used within recommended time), dampens menstrual flow/prison breaks(heaviness can sometimes last for months after insertion)

& whilst there tends not to exist typical start-up side effects as suffered from more «conventional» modes ex.combination pills,multiple headaches,gastrointestinal disturbances; the few known existent ones include a bit of pain during and after insertion, spotting or cramps for several weeks to months after. With that said this is no prescription for birth-control-happiness, but it could be perfect choice…for you!”

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