How much sodium in coors light?

If you’re trying to lower your sodium intake, it’s essential to know how much salt is in your favorite drinks. After all, dehydration isn’t a good look for anyone. So, how much sodium is actually lurking in that can of Coors light?

The Basics of Sodium

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s get familiar with some basics about sodium; this chemical element is denoted by “Na” on the periodic table and plays a critical role as an electrolyte in our bodies. We need sodium to help regulate blood volume and control muscle contractions alongside nerves transmission.

What Makes Up Coors Light Anyway?

For beer enthusiasts out there who care more about its ingredients than calories – instead of asking if coors light has gluten or not – here are the components: water (duh), barley malt (to create sugars from starches during fermentation), corn syrup or sugar (for additional sweetness), yeast (the crucial player transforming sugars mentioned earlier into alcohol) and hops flowers(used primarily for flavouring).

Na-Containing Ingredients

You’d be surprised how many food-grade items contain similar levels of sodium content as soft drinks! Notably, both corn syrup and sugar contain trace amounts of salt per serving. While processed foods usually have high contents because apart from adding flavor/saltiness they could also act as preservatives.

Take burger patties- research shows that one single patty contains approximately 100mg sodium; not too bad until when considering most people take two sandwiches per meal then include toppings such as lettuce or pickles so expect even more!
Unpacking these figures will help us see things better concerning drinks.

Comparing Coors Light Sodium Contents With Other Beverages.

So how does coors light measure up against other beverages regarding its amount of sodium? Let’s go through some comparisons and see if you’re better off with a bottle of water or Coke.

Beverage Serving Size Sodium (mg)
Coors Light 12 oz can 104
Coke 12 oz can 39
Fresca 12 oz can 50

Although there’s no salt in Coke or Fresca, the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners they use is crazy!

Be warned: If you decide to order food over drinks, make sure that dry chicken breast has zero added sodium; otherwise, all else fails. Just drink an ice-cold glass of water and be grateful for healthy choices.

Warning Signs Of High Sodium Consumption.

You may not take notice at first, but overdosing on sodium elevates your blood pressure levels quickly. Not everyone reacts similarly after taking it though- some might show symptoms like sweating profusely while others will have increased thirst.

Signs That You Have Too Much Salt:
Raised Blood Pressure;
Edema/swelling caused by excess fluid accumulations throughout the body;
Dehydration which makes one feel useless.

Always try keeping away from too much salt consumption; Compton’s looking up – this diet helps bring down high bp!


Remember that Coors light is still beer-it feels attractive and tastes good-so enjoy responsibly! Those concerns in moderation should cause little harm even after ascertaining how much sodium content exists within each serving size (we hope our comparison tables gave useful insights). As long as indulgences don’t translate into binges week long. Cheers to restful nights without night sweats caused by high blood pressure!(word count-600)