How much sodium in a dunkin donut?

Donuts are an essential part of life. Who would not want to treat themselves to a delicious burst of flavor in every bite? However, with all good things comes responsibility – and sodium is one thing you do not want to mess around with. The question on everyone’s mind: Just how much sodium does your favorite Dunkin Donut have?

Breaking Down the Nutritional Facts

When it comes down to the nutritional value of food, there are five factors that stand out above the rest: Calories, fat, carbs, sugar…and SODIUM! Let’s delve into what makes up our beloved donuts!


The first thing we look for when choosing any form of sustenance is calories. If you’re like me, this probably isn’t going to stop you from getting your hands on some fresh-out-the-oven treats.

However, just as a reference point:

  • A glazed donut has 190 calories
  • A chocolate frosted cake donut has 350 calories.


Now onto fats – who doesn’t love those greasy little devils? Well actually…me but I’d rather stick somewhat healthy (ish) options so…I’ll let those “treat yo-self” moments rage on^1!

But just know:

  • A glazed donut contains 11g of fat.
  • A chocolate frosted cake donut contains almost twice that – 17g.

Carbs & Sugars

Carbohydrates make our stomachs feel full while sugars trigger happy buttons in our brains…it’s real science^2 people!! But considering they’re also responsible for making us crave more sugar after taking about… no time at all; best eat ‘em wisely lest we fall prey once again #9-scoop-cone 😔💔.

The carbohydrate breakdown includes:

  • 22g in a glazed donut
  • 49g in a chocolate frosted cake donut

And let’s take this moment to appreciate the glorious sugar content (per serving, of course):

  • A glazed donut has 10 grams!
  • Chocolate lover? Be prepared for it to skyrocket up to 20 grams…ouch.


With all that being said …let’s dive into our favorite little demon. 😉

The American Heart Association states your daily intake should not exceed 2,300mg and if you can somehow manage fewer than that – even better!

According to Dunkin Donuts’ website^3, some popular choices include:

Donut Name Sodium Content
Jelly 210 mg
Powdered Sugar 170 mg
Glazed 135 mg
Chocolate Frosted Cake 310 mg

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying – moderation is key.

As with anything else we consume on this earth – it’s all about balance. When treating yourself with those delectable Dunkin’ goodies, please remind yourself how much sodium they contain…then treat yo-self accordingly 😉!!!