How much senna in smooth move tea?

Ah, the age-old question – just how much senna is lurking within that comforting cup of Smooth Move tea? Fear not, curious readers; we’ve done the digging for you. As always, it’s important to be informed about what goes into our bodies so let’s crack on.

A Brief Introduction

So before we get knee deep in tea leaves and botanicals, let’s clarify some basics. If you’re unfamiliar with Smooth Move Tea (firstly where have you been living!?) here are some need-to-know facts:

  • It’s an organic herbal laxative option.
  • It is marketed as a safe way to help alleviate constipation.
  • The name itself pretty much summarizes its intended effects.

With this established let’s answer some questions…

What is Senna?

Now when people mention senna, most things don’t spring to mind…but it might after reading this. Senna refers to various species of plants belonging to the legume family Fabaceae. Aside from making one think of beans, they originate from tropical regions such as Africa or India and go by different names including Indian senna or locust plant.

Why Add It To Teas Like Smooth Moves Laxative?

Sennosides derived from senna can effectively stimulate bowel movement if consumed orally due to their direct effect on smooth muscle cells lining your intestines (which sounds like something straight out of Biology class), promoting muscular contractions moving everything down the line…if you catch my drift!

But why add it specifically to teas labeled laxatives? Because while there are numerous over-the-counter remedies for constipation relief available everywhere but behind waterfalls…medications such as Senokot (a pill version of pure sennosides) or Colace require consumption more than once per day which may prove inconvenient for many individuals just trying sip away their issues.

Okay, Get To The Point-How Much Senna Is In My Smooth Move?

Great question! So it’s important to note that Smooth Move tea is in fact marketed as an herbal laxative, so naturally, some degree of senna is expected. However how much is typically present per serving isn’t explicitly stated anywhere on the packaging or online (at least not consistently for us to be confident) which poses a challenge for consumers trying to make informed choices about what they’re ingesting.

We did however stumble across various reports and options regarding this topic…brace yourself!

Some Reports Indicate That There May Be Roughly 20mg Of Sennosides Per Teabag

Different brands may contain varying levels but from our research smooth moves seems [to have] a consistent reputation among bloggers and forums as having approximately 20 milligrams of Sennosides per teabag. While this sounds like next level specifics you’d only know if you personally knew Mrs. Smith from the quality control office at Celestial Seasonings®… it’s better news than being left completely in the dark!

But keep reading because there’s more…

Quality Control Issues & How To Minimize Risk

It turns out testing such amounts can also vary wildly based on storage habits along with manufacturing practices leading right back down my system upset alleyway! Remember this product contains a form of perishable food items so proper distribution conditions especially temperature maintenance are necessary yet often hard to follow through thoroughly until we guzzle them hot and steaming.

Hence while your bag itself might not say “100 mg/liter guaranteed!” I’m pretty sure most people could look inside themselves long enough (pun intended) to understand the difficulties involved behind exact labeling…and why inconsistencies exist between batches….but don’t worry – here are some tips:

Store Your Tea Bags Appropriately

To minimize any risks related to uncontrolled senna levels happening in your cup of tea you need to store them where they will stay fresh…dry and away from temperature extremes. A dry pantry without direct exposure to light or excess heat which might make the compounds break down unexpectedly should be good enough.

Stay Within The Safe Limits Of Daily Consumption

The vast majority (more than 97%, actually) of users do not report any adverse effects besides a slight stimulant effect that could lead to softer stools which is usually the desired outcome for Smooth Move consumers! Hence, it seems carrying on with regular usage within safe daily limits may work just fine for most people…but what are those limits?

While there isn’t really an exact limit documented in research papers we can find, figures ranging up to approximately 50mg per day have been suggested by other sources as maximum…though some suggest closer to half that amount if you’ve never tried before – always erring on the side of caution.

Conclusion: What We Know For Sure About Senna Levels In Smooth Move

What’s clear? Not much unfortunately when it comes to exact labeling related to how much senna exists but various estimations by bloggers and forums suggest around 20 mg per teabag! While this doesn’t provide concrete answers regarding inconsistencies between batches…it’s at least somewhere near definitive proof we’re not drinking pure coffee anymore (alert the presses).

Add warm water and let your own digestive tract do its thing…albeit with more stimulation!

BUT as I mentioned earlier a bit like ‘normal’ restriction worthy food items even proper storage might not completely eliminate stale batch issues so keep things reasonable within dosage ranges previously shared….and everything should be moving along smoothly no matter how many social media posts get lined up….

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