How much royal jelly to take for fertility?

Royal jelly is one of those things that everyone seems to swear by. But like everything in life, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. So how do you know how much royal jelly to take for fertility? Fear not, friend – I’ve got the scoop.

What Is Royal Jelly?

Before we talk about dosage, let’s first answer the question: what is royal jelly? Well, it’s not some sort of honey made by Queen Elizabeth II (although that would be pretty cool). In actual fact, royal jelly is a glandular secretion produced by honeybees and fed to larvae as their sole food source for the first few days after hatching.

Once the bees have served up all they need to feed their babies with this substance – known as “royal jelly” – humans extract it and turn it into various supplements. Some people say that using those supplements could help improve reproductive health.

The Health Benefits

While there isn’t any concrete scientific evidence proving its exact benefits, proponents claim that taking royal jelly can:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Alleviate menopause symptoms such as hot flashes
  • Improve skin texture and appearance
  • Strengthen hair & nails –which feels kinda counter-intuitive considering real queen bees are bald-

Onto baby-making!

But since we’re talking about fertility here today (aren’t we?), let’s dive deeper into what effects royal jelly may have on getting pregnant? Therein lies our big mystery!

Although research has been inconclusive so far; many ladies dealing with infertility issues or trying-to-conceive naturally do consider purchasing these stinging-kind-of-with-a-crown-flavored…pearls?.

Their faith probably stems from claims stating consumption helps nurture regularity in menstrual cycles which results in better egg quality etc..Long story short, taken in moderation, it can be possibly beneficial.

Dosage for Fertility

How much should you take if you want to maximize those benefits? Well; here come the science-y parts! Typically supplements with royal jelly are available in two forms: fresh or freeze-dried, and they equally carry pros & cons.

For example, initial research has always thrown a bone or two towards consuming fresh stuff claiming it preserves nutritional value, while on the other hand there’s undeniable convenience from having powdered/freeze-dried compositions which last longer (think about how frustrating it would be storing their glass jars that fit awkwardly next to your sriracha bottle).

Fresh Royal Jelly

If you’re in favor of freshly squeezed royal jelly this seems super simple but squeezing comes at its cost too. Typically straight-from-the-hive fresh jelly intake involves 200mg portion once per day immediately after waking up around your desired fertility/ovulation cycle frequency. Some may need lesser yet many go higher than this recommended amount because human-nature-Zzzz…… .

Real talk time- what might sound like a fun pre-breakfast-treat routine, some people just give up because honestly who wants to deal with sticky hands before having breakfast.Too tired???, forgetful???..Apprehensions !!!!!!… name them!!!!!!….

Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly Capsules

The alternative way is taking supplements made out of freeze-dried gelatinous chunks available typically as powders/pills/capsules/tablets/drinks . Generally for these ways alongwith syrup holding formulations; standard recommendations recommend 250-500mg dose twice daily empty stomach depending upon tolerance levels & personal medical history..Sounds easy-peasy? Maybe not so fast….What should one do when overwhelmed?


Ah…and where did our minds fly away?!
Which option is better -because let’s face it no one wants to waste time and money on something not beneficial!

Capsules Form:

Powdered capsules are quite common due to the convenience. They’re easy to take, and deliver the nessessary amount without having to measure out in grams..Typically they ask you for 1-2 capsules (200-600mg) a day which is great especially when you forgetful in nature.

Syrup with Royal Jelly

Another way is consuming it as syrup; sweetened product containing honey, water ,alcohol & of course jelly itself. This may sound like your cup-o-tea if taking pills isn’t fun anymore! just add teaspoons or tablespoons based upon manufacturers’ directives..

Instruction manual Issues:

But then again packaging instructions can drastically vary…So be mindful about quantities mentioned on official lists- Manufacturers who want us all confused try different variations by designing tablets/capsules/syrups that include unascertainable/unpredictable dosages.

Therefore Its essential that before deciding any intake supplement form one should always get an expert medical opinion-because googling ‘doses’ sucks !

It’s important we talk more specifically -so here’s what I’ve concluded :

The Short Version

The ideal dose guideline ranges from two spoons full of dehydrated royal jam-and-milk mixed daily OR fifteen hundred regular sized bee hustlers’-producies obtained on empty stomach–per month whichever seems convenient- but consult a doctor first!!

For who?

Royal jelly should also only be taken cautiously under recommendation. Some individuals shouldn’t consume it such as:
-People allergic/having sensitivities from bee products.
-One with autoimmune diseases or nursing expectant mothers,
-being modestly skeptical within dietary supplements etc..
….okay-or maybe everyone really???

Side Effects

And while compared generally to other dietary supplements side-effects stemming from ingesting royal-jelly are typically mild and temporary consisting of :
-digestive discomforts
-mild allergies

But yeah !!!!- do your research before purchasing.

In conclusion

While it’s tempting to try anything that promises magical solutions when it comes in life, what may work for one person might not work for another.

However if you go with the posh foodcraze du-jour route be mindful about where your supplement is being sourced from? Does manufacturer have any environmentally friendly/conservative production policies , or its product quality checking protocols etc…

To keep an analytical mind read more legit sources before joining latest wellness trends -moderation & awareness is KEY !!!

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