How much potassium does a potato have?

What’s the potass-yum on everyone’s favorite starch, the potato? Well folks, in this article we’re going to break down just how much of our daily dose of potassium can be found lurking within those spuds.

What is potassium?

Before we jump straight into the world of potatoes (no diving!), let’s give a quick rundown on what exactly this important mineral is all about. Potassium is an electrolyte that helps your body maintain fluid balance, transmit nerve impulses and contract your muscles. It plays a crucial role in keeping your heart healthy as well as regulating blood pressure levels.

So basically none of us would be able to function very well without enough potassium bouncing around inside us! Let’s hear it for good old K!

Why do we need potassium?

If you’re anything like me, then you probably didn’t pay too much attention to what goes on in science class – aside from trying not to set anything alight with Bunsen burners that is… So here’s a quick summary for y’all:

The human body needs around 4g – 5g of potassium every day, which equates to roughly 2 medium-sized potatoes. Not getting enough has been linked with higher risk factors for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Potassium also forms part of electrolytes alongside sodium and chloride; these are vital substances responsible for maintaining normal water content both inside and outside our cells leading

to optimal hydration levels!

But hold up… I know why y’all came here today: you want some juicy deets about those spuds! Let’s dig right in:

How much potassium Is In A Potato?(+any Varieties)

I’m glad you asked my dear reader (or maybe I should say root-er?) because there are so many different types out there – Russet, Yellow, Red, etc- and each contains differing amounts of potassium.

So without further ado, here is a table detailing just how much your average baked potato contains:

Baked Potato Size Potassium
Russet Medium (173g) 926mg
Gold Medium (213g) 1213mg
Sweet Large (250g) 975mg

Hot Potatooo That’s a lot more than we get from eating any delicious cookies! Of course if you cook the potato in different ways, it can alter the nutritional value – so boiling instead of baking for instance could change this figure. These numbers aren’t carved into stone tablets y’all!

What Other Foods Contain High Amounts Of Potassium?

Just because potatoes happen to pack a potassium punch doesn’t mean that they’re the ONLY source out there! Here are some other foods that are high in potassium:

  • Avocados
  • Spinach
  • White Beans
  • Dried Apricots

Technically bananas also contain plenty of ‘ol K but come on guys – we already know about that tired old tale.

Why Are Athletes All About Them Spuds?

Speaking of tales…I’ve heard through the gym grapevine that many athletes swear by eating potatoes as part of their training regimen. Is there any actual science behind this? Or is it all just hot air blown up by Chip companies?

The answer lies within our friend ‘glycogen‘. This little compound basically helps to fuel our muscles during periods of intense exercise; think sprinting or weightlifting for example. The body stores glycogen within both liver and muscle tissue but unfortunately these reserves don’t last indefinitely hence why energy drinks exist!

What has all this got to do with potatoes? you may be wondering. Well folks, potatoes happen to contain a large amount of carbohydrates that the body can quickly turn into glycogen- making them an ideal choice for endurance athletes who need lots of energy over prolonged time periods.

So What’s The Potass-Yum On All This?

To conclude my dear readers – I hope this article has shed some light on just how vital potassium is for our bodies to function correctly and maintain good health. Of course it doesn’t hurt that one way to get your daily dose involves chowing down on some delicious baked potatoes!

So next time someone turns their nose up at these humble spuds, remind them of just how much goodness they’re missing out on – and enjoy another helping yourself while you’re at it!

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