How much maca should you take daily?

Are you feeling exhausted, anxious and not as sexy as you used to be? Well, there might be a simple solution in the form of maca. This herbaceous plant native to Peru has been used for centuries to supercharge your energy levels, boost fertility and increase libido. But before you start taking maca like candy, stop and read this article on how much maca should you take daily for optimal results.

What is Maca?

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) goes by many other names such as Peruvian ginseng, maka root or Andean Viagra (yes that’s right). Whatever name it’s given though doesn’t change its extensive medicinal properties.

This cruciferous vegetable grows natively in high altitude regions of the Andes Mountains of South America where it was cultivated since pre-Incan times for food & health purposes. It comes in 3 varieties: yellow (most common), red & black all sharing similar nutrient profiles but varying slightly with subtle taste differences.

As a nutritional powerhouse packed full of vitamins/ minerals essential for our wellbeing including B-vitamins, iron/zinc (& more notably calcium) plus amino acids-which form protein-, it makes sense why there’s growing buzz around this root crop amongst Health conscious individuals these days.

The Benefits Of Taking Maca

You probably already know what brought maca into your crosshairs – claims about boosting vitality, sexual performance and hormone balance are ubiquitous online when researching its use! Before we dig into dosage practices however let’s dive deeper into potential benefits:

Libido Boost

Nothing beats sexiness if we’re talking about one real benefit because hey–who DOESN’T want some extra drive in bed? Studies have consistently demonstrated that consuming macuna pruriens can lead men towards higher sperm count while women may experience an uptick in her sexual desire.

Hormone Regulator (For Menopause)

A powerhouse that shouldn’t be overlooked, women experiencing menopausal symptoms may benefit significantly from consuming maca extracts as it has been shown to alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. Thanks to the plant’s hormone-balancing properties!

Energy Booster

Who doesn’t need an extra kick start in the morning? Instead of your typical coffee boost try out some Maca brew – you can pour these into your smoothies too! It’s worth noting that there are mixed results reported for whether or not maca boosts stamina among athletes & those relying on physical endurance.
Maca truly makes its mark on general fatigue and mental energy levels which will improve valuable if chronic exhaustion happens to weigh heavy any given day.

Increase In Athletic Performance?

Some studies point towards athletic performance enhancement through regular consumption of macuna pruriens but with varied agility at best; perhaps dosage and application methods are inconsistent or conflicting over included trials with too small a test size…

Still though–why not add just another method to win back days when Low-energy levels become heavy burdensome anchor?

How Much Maca Should You Take Daily?

It depends– like many other things- how much is right for you individually based upon factors including lifestyle demands, stress resiliency habits/overall health state etceteras.. We’d recommend slow increases while gauging tolerance level adjustments accordingly rather than lunging towards high amounts immediately only per instant effects!

Recommended Dosage Range

Absolute minimum range recommended: 500 milligrams daily!
More expectedly typical doses would begin around 1 teaspoon powder form = ~2 grams each day total.(# — see label instructions)

Perhaps after finding desired potency over continued use ranging up so elatively higher ranges may grow gradually until reaching maximum safety limits:
(Depending body type/lifestyle)–about 20-30 grams/day could potentially be viable!

Maximum Safe Dosage

Most professionals recommend no more than 20g taken daily with highest tolerable levels encapsulated at around 30g.

It is worth pointing out that excessive maca consumption caunnert overstep these recommended limits raises the risk of side effects as its known natural hormonal balancing mechanisms within individual body chemistry may react unpredictably, causing health problems or lowered immunity, even to a seemingly benign herb such as this.

If you’re experiencing signs and symptoms such palpitations, irritability or sleep disturbance while taking maca supplements it’s time pull back for a moment-could require simply reducing your dosage from there or even cessation altogether in some cases!

How Long Should You Take Maca?

Similar to dietary changes/health supplement routines-& pretty much just like our lusty egos — consistency counts! You can’t rely on only indulges now & again if any noticeable results hoped-for..
Consistent use of beneficial herbs over an extended period has shown positive trends across various wellness monitoring parameters particularly hormone spot chekjup data showing improvements.

To integrate successful maca usage meaningfully, we suggest implementing gradually into everyday life by adding smaller increments everywhere up to typical doses; daily consumption must remain consistent lest what gains obtained lose profile (and turn back into hollow ground).

Be patient though–results won’t manifest overnight given individuality and environmental factors — all have unique influences upon upon comfort stress mentality sleep habits physical preparation capacity so on..

Few weeks simple tracking should give glimpse of how well affects just How regular doses are build toward effecting critical mass :).

Forms Of Maca

You’ll find three possible forms when looking for supply:

Powdered Maca Root

Maca root powder – most common form easily accessible with excellent ratios/balance between nutritional value vs convenience

This powdered version dissolves well in liquids (single wraps can be added to smoothies for example) or utilized secret ingredient in baking which works not only for us health nuts but those seeking better-tasting desserts!

Liquid Maca Extract

This concentrated extract form has built its reputation as a more potent option. Has reported benefits of potentially quicker assimilation into your bloodstream, so some individuals prefer using solely extract options.

Some practical reasons why individuals would choose liquid over powder combination simply loathe anything powdery OR have trouble consuming swallowing powder doses altogether–you’re all covered either way.

Maca Capsules

Yes this makes it even easier- especially when on the go! Fewer steps required to incorporate daily maca dosages with capsules supplements providing extreme portability/handy-discretion convenience.

Ingesting capsule created steadily higher product ideal (meaning longer-lasting effect!) versus powdered concoction by frequent consumption easily possible without bitter tasting residue poking at taste buds; perfect solution fit easy lifestyle integration!

Basic Safety Tips To Remember

Even though the likelihood risks from taking macuna pruriens generally remains low few precautions help safeguard against any potential undesirable effects:

  1. Always read usage instructions & dosage recommendations both mention specific products detailing correct methods toward safe consistency every time!
  2. Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding
  3. Check labels before purchase – look into sourcing and manufacturer partculars beforehand
  4. Don’t exceed recommended dosages within limits mentioned early-on perhaps start at smaller definitely increments.
  5. If feeling worse after introducing youself to meca root… that’s may be what we call your body sending distress signals..
    —Listen carefully! Reduce until regaining balance –no need shoot for stars right off bat 😉
    6.Consult medical professional prior supplementation risk management always good idea especikally if already diagnosed w/existing Health issues.
    7.Avoid purchasing whey protein concentrate unfortunately also often adulterated alongside importing scams.

In Summary, this bitter sweet root considered “herbal gold” Peru used by not just that populace but as a staple in health enthusiast’s regimen; it provides multiple possible benefits good for general physical wellness/hormone balance & overall energy plus mental clarity.
And now you’ve become informed on how to properly use safe dosing habits and practices without fighting against your intuition. GOOD luck using meca supplement within the context of your unique lifestyle plan – it may work wonders aesthetically or otherwise!