How much lutein do you need a day?

Lutein is a common carotenoid that is found in many fruits and vegetables. It has been widely studied for its potential health benefits, including its role in promoting healthy vision, protecting the skin against UV damage and reducing inflammation. So how much lutein do you need to consume daily? Let’s take a look at what the experts say.

What is Lutein?

Before we dive into the recommended daily intake of lutein, let’s define exactly what it is. Lutein is a yellowish pigment found naturally in leafy greens like kale, spinach, collard greens and turnip greens- seriously considering turning farmer!! 😕 Also present in green beans🍱 which puts less pressure on me as I am not really fond of green leafy veggies-. Lutein functions to protect plants from excessive sunlight and disease💪 . But wait…I am not plant (unless secretly trying to photosynthesize 😳 ), so how does this relate to humans?
Scientists suggest that consuming this nutrient can help shield us from blue light 🌉 emitted by screens which contributes negatively towards our vision😭

The Recommended Daily Intake

According to scientific research , adults should try their best eat between 6 mg/day – 20mg/day💊 depending on age.. Yep! Age plays an important role here: Younger individuals need lower amounts than older ones because these mechanisms become more limited with age🙄 .


Disappointingly babies only store little amounts of lueitin(lt) upon birth due
to breastfeeding consumptions patterns.It was believed breast milk had small lt levels but fish oilsupplementation during pregnancy increases breastmilk content greatly.Subsequently  baby gets about nearly one tenth per day.Sounds low right?? But hey every scope counts especially as they grow.


As kids and weight are very interconnected individuals with higher body mass index(BMI) carry more lt storage . If you keep growing taller-like literally- it’s beneficial to consume a diet rich in lutein plants….🌱 Vegan/vegetarian crops cannot deprive you this nutrient ,so before wondering if should swap diets please know that every FOOD group is filled with choices.

Adults 🤩

Adults can benefit from increasing intake of lutein especially since the body has no capacity to manufacture same. There happen to be wholesome tasty foods out there that make consuming your recommended dose pleasurable 😛, colorful bell peppers /eggs anyone ?

Fun fact: combining  eggs & vegetbles increases bioavailability for those trying hard to meet target 👍 Guess I won’t need much convincing next time Bacon,Egg, Cheese sandwich tempts me 😀

How Can You Get Enough Lutein?

Getting adequate amounts of lutein doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are some common dietary sources:

  1. Kale – This leafy green contains an impressive 26 mg of lutein per cup, served raw.. One ☝️ serving size already surpasses advice requirement 💪😮
  2. Spinach – Another dark green vegetable that packs a punch when it comes to lutein content. A single cooked ♨️cup of spinach provides around 20mg daily goal.
  3. Eggs- Yolk specifically is the source here providing approximately half a milligram (0.5 mg) per egg 🥚 Go on ham with brunch 😉
    4.Corn🌽 Confused about what healthy snacks could work? Sweet corn/kernel-y has over one gram meatting at least 14% daily needs.Drive down street food anytime soon?
    5.Green peas- Half Cup frozen(what’s my excuse,to not hit recommended quota again?)😅 provides about 1mg of vitamin which puts you halfway to making progress , plus its easier on my teeth( slightly lazy me 🙃)
  4. Broccoli Raab ( Cime di Rapa-) might not be the go-to vegetable for many but it has whopping amounts in just one cooked cup 😪 giving fulfilling us with close 2 mg per serving.
    7.Carrots – contains upto 200% vit A’ daily value supply while serving as an appreciable source of lutein as well.An excellent entry snack🥕
    8.Bell peppers  have larger content despite popularity and their versatility makes them key candidiates for inclusion. Don’t sleep on what would’ve gone down easily as salad tossers or stir fry components.

In truth, there exists numerous choices that may perfectly meet up a couple’s lifestyle/ food preferences . It doesn’t matter even if different servings are consumed through the day intended cumulative quantities still count towards requirement✌️

The Bottom Line

Luten is valuable ,so much that it constitutes photopigments within our eyes focusing on zones where visual acuity matters most…enough is never really enough when we try supplying body with hardworking antioxidants; tis why ensuring incorporation into meals /supplements does beat mere mention! Remember though supplements also require primary care doctor’s go ahead especially if using blood thinners 💉💊 On a final note 🎤 : Due to individual differences,your healthcare provider dietitian ultimately would recommend amount appropriate way before any bold changes occur 😉