How much lactulose to take when pregnancy?

Congratulations! You’re expecting a bundle of joy. Now that you’ve got the good news, it’s natural to get anxious about everything – from what you eat and drink to even the medications you take. One such medication is lactulose.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll guide you on how much lactulose to take during pregnancy in a way that hopefully puts a smile on your face too!

What is Lactulose?

Before diving into how much lactulose one can consume while pregnant, let’s first understand what it actually is.


Yes, lactu-lo-se. It’s basically a laxative that softens stools and eases bowel movements.

Not something we like talking about at dinner parties, but hey – when you’re pregnant all inhibitions go out the window; right mums-to-be?

Now comes the question:

Why do Pregnant Women need Lactulose in The First Place?

During pregnancy there are already enough problems with swollen feet and stretch marks …but constipation shouldn’t be added to that list!

Constipation becomes more frequent for women during pregnancy due to hormones caused by their ‘little’ happy surprise… However bad news ladies – this not only makes going potty an impossible task but also causes pain if left untreated making labour & delivery even harder than it needs be (as if it isn’t hard enough already!).

To avoid all these unpleasantness(yes made up word alert!), doctors recommend taking some measures including consuming foods high in fiber alongside staying hydrated… But sometimes nature may still need some assistance with prescription drugs as well.

This is where LACTULOSE saves us…. or does it?!

So.. Can I Actually Take Lactulose During Pregnancy?

While no drug other than paracetamol can be declared 100% safe during pregnancy, lactulose is considered one of the few drugs that can be safely consumed by expecting women.

So make sure to stock up your cabinets with gallons of it

A dose a day keeps the constipation at bay!

Let’s break down what this dosage looks like:

Safe Dosages When Consuming Lactulose During Pregnancy

Dosages depend on how bad you need this medication as well as each individual’s body chemistry. But for most pregnant women, physicians recommend starting slow and then increasing slowly when necessary. This is done to avoid any side effects whilst still relieving symptoms.

Week Day Dosage in ml
First Trimester 1-7 Days 10 ml once or twice daily
Second Trimester 8-28 Days Up to 20ml once per day
Third Trimester Over 29 Weeks Up to 30ml once per day

It’s important not to overdose because trust us ladies…too much could lead you back onto our ‘able little friend’ beside us after all!

Although we’ve covered some promising information regarding the usage & frequency; do not forget! It always depends on how severe your bowel movements are – Everyone feels different so Always consult with your physician before making ANY changes concerning medication whilst carrying a life inside…no matter HOW impatient you might feel (we know too well)

Are There Any Side Effects?

Oh girl, let me tell you, YES(unfortunately). Like every other drug out there, it comes with its share of nasty surprises – no free lunch here; sorry! We females just cant catch a break huh. But again don’t worry yourself silly – Information is key!

Below we’ve listed down a few side effects that might occur while consuming lactulose:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating & Excessive wind
  • Cramps {Not the ‘pushing out’ type ladies; we know you’ll be experiencing THAT in live HD very soon!}
  • Diarrhea

Well, now doesn’t that sound like “music to your ears”?

But hang tight…We didn’t say everything is doom and gloom. Some other side effects women MAY feel are the complete opposite of these symptoms – noting some diarrhea may ease bloating or cramping for example….

The main point which we will clearly state out loud: Always monitor after taking medication, check how our bodies react and always note changes (you know better than anyone what’s happening within you).

Any overlapping factors between certain drugs must also be given attention so regular consultations with doctors remain important

What To Do When You Experience Side Effects?

Ladies time to face reality – Beautiful motherhood remember? The joy/discomfort balance always has an effect on both mum-to-be and fetus her fetus. Thus any complications should never ever be ignored.

In case of severe side effects contact a doctor immediately. Any subtle changes can also affect pregnancy results later on so it’s crucial you keep tabs on your body whilst being positively dismissive about any problem no matter how small (positive vibes buzzing)

To summarize all this Medical gibberish…

Key Takeaways!

Always regularly assess bowel movements during pregnancy– if things seem irregular/out-of-the-norm link up with medical professionals regarding discussions prior increasing dosage over normal ranges.

When beginning lactulose start at lowest amounts even though they’re not typically too harmful for growth of little one inside nor painful harm to yourself as well either way especially since high estimates particularly at once could cause unforeseen levels/episodes that force extended usage via causing undesired physical damage(ouch!).

Side effects are not always the most pleasurable; have this listed down somewhere in your mind so that you never forget constant communication with your healthcare professionals is key

Cheers to easy bowel movements soon-to-be-mums!