How much is the bar contraception in ireland?

The topic of contraception can be a sensitive one. Some see it as taboo, whilst for others, it’s an important aspect of their life that they need to consider. One question that often arises is how much does contraception cost in Ireland? Whilst this may seem like a simple question, the answer can actually vary quite dramatically depending on what type of contraception you are looking for.

What Is Bar Contraception?

Before we delve deeper into costs, let’s firstly define what bar contraception is. Bar contraception, also known as the contraceptive implant or Nexplanon®, is a small rod inserted under the skin on your inner upper arm and releases hormones that prevent pregnancy. It lasts for up to three years before needing to be replaced.

Advantages Of Bar Contraception

  • Long-lasting – no need to remember to take your pill every day
  • Highly effective – less than 1% failure rate
  • Can reduce heavy periods

Disadvantages Of Bar Contraception

  • Can cause irregular bleeding during initial months
  • Doesn’t protect against STIs
  • May not suit those who have had certain medical conditions such as blood clots

Now that we know what bar contraception is and its pros and cons let’s look at costs in more detail.

How Much Does The Implant Cost?

If you’re thinking about getting the implant inserted privately (i.e., outside of public healthcare), then prices start from around €150-€200. However, some clinics may charge upwards of €300-€400 so shop around!

In terms of accessing the implant via primary care services e.g General Practitioners (GPs) there will likely still be a fee due but generally expect one slightly lower than private service fees.

There are benefits available through Medical Card Eligibility or Drug Payment Schemes which would some people eligible free-of-charge prescriptions.

It is worth noting that in Ireland, medical cardholders may be able to access the contraceptive implant free of charge if it has been requested by their healthcare professional and ordered through a pharmacy.

The Cheapest Option

Whilst bar contraception can be highly effective; many women choose more affordable birth control options such as condoms or copper coil intrauterine devices (IUDs). Condoms are available over-the-counter and start from around €10 for 12 they are also widely accessible at family planning clinics. Copper coils can cost approximately €100-€150 to have inserted.

Advantages Of Using Condoms Or Copper Coils

  • Affordable alternative
  • Can provide STI protection
  • Wide availability and ease of use

Disadvantages Of Using Condoms Or Copper Coils

  • Higher failure rates compared to hormonal contraceptives
  • Trips to chemists required for purchasing

So whilst bar contraception may seem expensive compared with some alternatives, its long-lasting effectiveness means that the long-term value often makes it a worthwhile investment.

Should You Use Bar Contraception?

If you’re thinking about using an implant as your preferred method of contraception, then make sure you consider your personal circumstances carefully first. Although less common than with other forms of birth control, there are still potential disadvantages associated with this type so speak with a relevant practitioner before proceeding.

Taking the time out beforehand could save money down-the-line instead of falling into an unwanted circumstance and coverage need change.

As always when seeking medical advice people should seek consultations based on their unique needs– whether previously discussed amongst peers-with similar experiences or not.

The choices presented here aren’t exhaustive but hopefully offer insight into what Irish residents currently face either living day-to-day or in emergency coverage periods.

Remember – these moments may force us into situations we never imagined financially/legal wise!

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