How much is mirena without insurance?

Are you fully aware of the phrase ‘follow-through‘? You might want to read this article in full then. In America, health insurance can be a real pain in the neck but that does not mean taking care of your health should also harm your wallet. One of these expenses could be getting birth control like Mirena.

What is Mirena and Why Might Someone Need It?

Mirena, you say? Well, prepare for a brief trip inside the female anatomy because it’s about to get educational up in here! Mirena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device) is merely an object inserted into a woman’s uterus which releases progestin slowly. The reason why an individual may need one depends on their specific situation such as painful periods or wanting long-term birth control consistency compared to other options out there.

So, how much Does Mirena cost without Insurance Coverage?

Due to varying circumstances like geographical location, and clinic-specific practices ,the cost differs so shall we go through some state average costs for clarity’s sake?

State Lowest Cost ($) Highest Cost ($)
Alabama $380 $810
Alaska $450
Arizona $1,280
Arkansas $900
California \$418 \$950
Colorado \$600 \$800

Disclaimer: Prices taken are from GoodRx website

As illustrated above,GoodRx tells us ”without any additional discounts or patient assistance programs available” so perhaps talk with clinics regarding any compensations available.

To put it simply, aside from Alabama where one can purchase candy cheaper than elsewhere,YMMV(Your Mileage May Vary). But if you’re the type of person who uses calculators for fun, try to find clinics near you and ask what the prices are.

But Wait, there’s More!

Purchasing Mirena from a pharmacy is still possible albeit less common. The cost also varies depending on each location so let’s show some numbers again:

Pharmacy Name in City purchased without insurance Savings
Kroger Pharmacy in Huntsville, AL $1,000 (cumulative savings over 5 years) \$800 compared to IUD Market Price

Disclaimer : Prices taken are from Kroger website

To put it simply,you might as well just buy five boxes of chocolates with that savings! So do your research and maybe Kroger could be what you were searching for all along(that one was done intentionally).

Patient Assistance Programs

Okay folks,please have a seat, we’re about to enter serious territory. You may be considering avoiding purchasing health care or birth control altogether because, let us face it,the US is infamous for its rather annoying requirements regarding obtaining insurance coverage.Well, worry not because many “Patient assistance programs” exist – organizations which exist solely to aid those unable to pay medical costs out-of-pocket.

“Patient assistance….what an amazing time to be alive” ,you might say but don’t start celebrating yet .The eligibility criteria differs according to which organization(s) you choose.Also,number knowledge time :

  • Bayer Savings Card Program: offering eligible patients up-to-$200 off their Mirena purchase(they call these ‘instant’)
  • Non-Profit Partnership For Prescription Assistance(NPPA):provides access point regardless of whether patient has prescription drug coverage or not(phone services available too)

But wait,it gets better(and worse)! Some state governments offer Family Planning Expansion Waivers(FPEW),which includes IUCDs like Mirena, to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria.So definitely do more research and see if you qualify.

Disclaimer: Again, just a reminder that these resources are always being updated so be sure to keep up to date with current policies.


Well folks,that’s all there is. Don’t skimp on birth control as it can lead to even greater medical expenses down the road.Try out alternatives or explore options available.Reach out for help should you require assistance in obtaining your medication.PSA over.

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