How much is halloumi cheese?

If you’ve never tasted the deliciously salty, slightly springy texture of halloumi cheese, then you have not lived. But before diving in and buying this unique cheese, you might be wondering just how much it will set you back. Don’t worry; we’re here to give you a comprehensive guide.

What is Halloumi Cheese?

First things first: let’s talk about halloumi cheese. This Cypriot delicacy has been around for centuries and is made from a mixture of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk or cow’s milk.

Halloumi traditionally comes from Cyprus, but it can now be found all over the world in specialty food stores or online shops.

There are many ways to enjoy halloumi – some people fry it up until crispy and golden brown while others add slices to an array of Mediterranean dishes such as salads, pitas or wraps.

The Cost of Halloumi Cheese

You may know that good things come at a price, but when it comes down to it halloumi isn’t that expensive compared to other cheeses out there on the market if you look beyond supermarket brands sold with lofty markups due to middle men involved.
In reality , You can expect to pay between $10-20 per pound (half kilogram) depending on where your purchase is being made (online purchases included).
On average though,In UK half kg can cost £6 ($8) which makes perfect sense since Cyrups were responsible for bringing the recipe abroad .

Supermarkets Vs Specialist Shops

If purchasing in store rather than placing order online, knowing where best place shop becomes essential factor especially considering hyperlinks involved by quite superb marketing campaigns directed by high-profile groceries staff.
Majority do sell inclusive range Haloyumi wedges weighing around 225g costing roughly £3($4) -Some Markets are even pretentious enough to sell each 50g piece for £1.

Specialist shops or those that import directly from Cyprus often offer the best value and selection of quality halloumi, so be sure to check out their prices too.

But, if you’re looking for convenience, supermarkets may be your first port of call – just keep on eye on any exclusive marketing campaigns hiking up prices than necessary . At least they’re available without leaving the comfort of your house while enjoying curry and a pint instead!

Online Shops

Buying online does have its pros other than being able to easily shop with beer at hand , it also opens access variety in demand delicious Halloumi products that might not otherwise covered by local markets like marinated varieties- Also Online prices accessible from well-known websites such as Amazon or E-bay average around $10-$15 per pound since shipping fees apply but this still varies according retailer pricing .

Factors Affecting The Price Of Halloumi

There are several factors that impact the cost halloumi cheese either negatively or positively include;
The ingredients: Production involves Mixing milk together then adding rennet and shaping blocks into portion sizes & consistency required; Naturally organic versions exclude chemical preservatives enhancing shelf life like potassium sorbate thus lowering price.
Manufacturing costs: Maintenance factory space & equipment can increase manufacturer’s pricing affecting retail charges.Energy usage including electricity gas requirements.
Location:(Origin) The density suppliers within an area affect competition resulting easier navigation through different providers giving rise opportunity acquisition better deals – proximity relative mateiral sources could potentially reduce expenses involved in transport however alternative currencies between countries may later these rates enticing customers elsewhere.

Knowing which factor influences prevalent charge requires research conducted beforehand helping consumers avoid higher extra costs without yielding benefits i.e cheaper manufacturing processes producing lower unhealthy adds-ons & chemicals used by conventional alternatives

How much Cheese Should You Buy?

Yes, it is possible to buy more cheese than can be consumed within a week leading to observing unpleasant occurrence involving decay -Similar case with rotten avocados which end up being disposable if may you withstand the smell
To avoid experiencing this and consequently wasting money that could have gone towards another pound of delicious halloumi , one must make an informed decision on how much halloumi they should purchase.
For instance, A block of 250g per person usually does justice but this varies depending individual tastes} since in most cases less or more consumed due to personal preferences.

However, Quantity purchased for occassions might differ as requirements often calculated according analytical data . Therefore take into considerations; event audience size & other foods expected ensuring enough halouymi made available while guaranteeing not overspending .

Storing Halloumi Cheese

The best way store Hallumi depends situational factors such as whether it was opened once home from shop .
If the original packaging is still intact just free placing in fridge will do trick however wrapping tightly film ensures lasting longer keeping mold at bay.

An untapped product stays fresh at room temperature usually last no longer than month though wrapped versions stay protected days=8 thanks quality chemistry class that taught something after all !


In conclusion , It’s difficult put exact price tag given diverse options present accessibility issues arising retail supply chain inconsistencies. As seen throughout our discussion above Cost Approximately depends supplier catered stores offering at lower prices BUT specialist importing directly generally better value packages variety products rising through online shops too.
Regardless, Don’t let price tag dwarf your taste buds because trying out new textures sweetens life -Taste shouldn’t be sacrificed for sake good deal!

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