How much is birth control implant with insurance?

Birth control implant, also known as the nexplanon or arm implant, is a birth control method that involves inserting a small rod under the skin on your upper arm. It’s a convenient and effective way for women to prevent pregnancy without having to take any pills every day.

If you’re considering getting this type of birth control, one question you may be wondering about is how much does it cost? And more specifically, how much will it cost if you have insurance? In this article, we’ll dive deep into answering these questions once and for all!

What Even Is An Arm Implant?

Before anything else – let’s make sure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to what exactly an arm implant entails. Essentially,it serves as a little rod like thingymajig which goes under your skin in your upper arm! Being about four centimetres long(one and three-quarter inches),it releases progestin hormone over three years time.(This just means – there are no estrogen hormones involved here)

Will You Require Insurance To Get This Implant?

The nice little bit about insurances(when speaking in regards to medical stuff)is that they tend to cover most contraceptives costs.So,birth control implants are covered by insurance plans in most places.But keep that ‘most’ closeby because you should check with yours just incase.Maybe switch up from solely paying off things like ‘Only Fans’ subscriptions,(Stop rolling your eyes at me,I know who I’m talking too)

Let’s Crank Up A Table To Show What Different Insurers Cover

Insurer % Cost Covered
UnitedHealthcare 100%
Blue Cross/Blue Shield >90%
Cigna >90%
Aetna varies

As the table depicts, insurance companies typically have a high degree of coverage when it comes to birth control implants. However, note that with plans like Medicaid or uninsured women – they will still be able to receive this type contraceptive for free.

The Average Cost Of An Implant

Wondering about how much you’re expected to shell out? The cost without insurance could range anywhere between $800-$1300(USD).However,mostinsurance plans provide coverage,reducing your expense down by almost 100% in some cases!Guess what ?free is better than any amount…not that we necessarily need reminding.Otherwise,just remember most insurances cover it and drastically so!

So there you have it: the scoop on how much birth control implant procedure costs if you have proper medical care insured.Unsurprisingly,it’s often completely covered.Therefore,I would advise looking into the numbetr of options available before discarding a potentially effective choice- ultimately,you want what’s best for both yourself and health,right?