How Much Is Bethenny Worth?

Who is Bethenny Frankel?

How Much Is Bethenny Worth?
How Much Is Bethenny Worth?

Bethenny Frankel is a multi-talented American reality TV star, author, and entrepreneur known for her quick wit and impeccable business skills. She first gained national recognition in 2008 with her role on “The Real Housewives of New York City” and has since gone on to build an empire spanning multiple industries.

What is Bethenny Frankel’s net worth?

According to various sources, including CelebrityNetWorth. com, Bethenny Frankel’s net worth currently stands at around $70 million. However, this figure fluctuates depending on the success of her businesses and investments.

How did she amass such wealth?

Bethenny has always been a shrewd businesswoman. She started her career as a natural foods chef before appearing on reality TV shows like “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” and “The Real Housewives. ” In 2010, she founded Skinnygirl Cocktails, which was later sold to Beam Suntory for a reported $100 million.

Since then, she has expanded her brand into other areas such as fashion and wellness . Additionally, Bethenny is also an author with several best-selling books under her belt.

What are some notable accomplishments in her career?

Aside from creating multiple successful businesses across different industries, here are some other notable milestones in Bethenny’s career:

  • In 2009, she competed on the third season of “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” where she finished as runner-up.
  • In 2011, she starred in her own spin-off show “Bethenny Ever After” which followed her life after getting married and having children.
  • In 2015, she returned to “The Real Housewives of New York City” for two seasons after a three-year hiatus.
  • In 2019, she launched BStrong, a disaster relief initiative that helps those affected by natural disasters and other crises around the world.

What are some controversies surrounding Bethenny?

Like many public figures, Bethenny has also faced her fair share of controversy. Here are some notable incidents:

  • In 2010, she came under fire for comments made on “The Real Housewives” in which she criticized the parenting skills of castmate Alex McCord.
  • In 2016, Bethenny was sued by her former manager for breach of contract and fraud related to the sale of Skinnygirl Cocktails.
  • In 2020, fans expressed their disappointment when it was announced that Bethenny would not be returning to “The Real Housewives” franchise.

Any final thoughts about Bethenny Frankel’s net worth?

Bethenny is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in both the entertainment industry and business world. Her ability to turn her brand into a multi-million dollar empire is nothing short of impressive. Regardless if you love or hate her antics on reality TV, one cannot deny the impact she has had on pop culture and entrepreneurship as a whole.

The Financial Success of Bethenny

Bethenny Frankel is a magnificent entrepreneur who has created an empire that could make any businessperson envious. This section will delve into the feats and falls of Bethenny’s financial ventures, from creating Skinnygirl to selling it for millions.

How did Bethenny come up with the idea of Skinnygirl?

The initial concept of Skinnygirl began when Bethenny was tired of ordering calorie-laden cocktails every time she went out with friends. Being a true problem solver, she created her own low-calorie margarita using agave syrup as a sweetener instead of sugar. After making batches in her apartment on weekends, she brought them to public gatherings in thermoses and coolers, thus sparking conversations amongst friends about starting their drink brand.

Bethenny quote: “When you have an idea and you know something is missing in the marketplace – go do it yourself! You can make things happen!”

What struggles did Skinnygirl face initially?

When Bethenny first pitched her idea for low-calorie cocktails to multiple liquor companies, they deemed it unprofitable and didn’t want to take a chance on such an unconventional product. They believed that consumers wouldn’t sacrifice taste over calories.

Undeterred by negativity, he decided to create he branded herself rather than partnering with established liquor companies Putting together all that she learned during her employment at CNBC which taughter how businesses are valued better helped streamline thier finances. She hustled during trade events while hoisting samples around Marthas vineyard.

In just two years since its inception in 2011, she reported revenue worth $120 million –and has since generated over $2 billion today.

Clearly some people were wrong; skinny vodka turned out to be an incredibly successful venture.

What other successful businesses has Bethany started?

Skinny Girl may be one of its main achievements under her belt. Bethanny once said “the liquor business was phase one and real estate was phase two”. Bethanny ncorporated to Flip Ventures, a finance seed company which has managed over a hundred deals morever she started called The B Strong Foundation— provides support to women who have experienced abusing in relationships or other areas of life thats trying provide them the skills, tools and resources they need to be successful.

She also created her own production company named BGTV, produced the now critically acclaimed Bravo TV Series “Bethenny Getting Married?” from 2010 – 2015 along with “The Skinny Girl Show”. With all this success, it should come as no surprise that Frankel is said to have an estimated net worth of $70 million.

What did selling ‘Skinnygirl’ for millions mean for Bethenny?

In late 2011, alcohol giant Beam Inc. bought the Skinnygirl empire including its products , books and DVDs/video releases, in exchange for a whopping Nine figures. While frankel entirely sold off her shares there were rumors aluding that she retains some royalty revenue share not disclosed.

Acquisition by Beam Inc. gave SkinnyGirl access their global distribution network allowing it reach more markets abroad. -it paved way for growth on bigger level. She made about -$120 million following the payouts from sales but once taxes & lawyers were factored in, it’s unknown what remained afterward. since keep buying keeps Her kept adding- plugging holes She’s admitted wider swaths purchases into different industries every year ranging from Landlordship, pop-up shops, multichannel e-commerce project. with newer ventures continues rippleled SkinnyGirl ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Frankel’s story proves how great risks can result in big rewards. The truth is many entrepreneurs face situations like bethany at beginning maybe lasting much longer dont inspire negativity taking calculated risks defying conventionality, cultivating hard-working attitude push past failures to achieve unimaginable financial successes while not forgetting their roots!

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Inside the Bank Account of Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, the reality TV star who rose to fame on The Real Housewives of New York City, is no stranger to financial success. From her line of Skinnygirl cocktails to her various investments and business ventures, Frankel has built a net worth estimated at around $70 million. But what does that really look like on paper? Here’s a deep dive into the bank account of Bethenny Frankel.

The Numbers

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2021, Bethenny Frankel’s net worth sits at approximately $70 million. That figure includes earnings from her various businesses, including Skinnygirl Cocktails and her recently sold property in The Hamptons.

In addition to that wealth, Frankel reportedly earns around $1 million per season for appearing on The Real Housewives franchise. And let’s not forget about her salary for hosting the talk show “Bethenny, ” which aired from 2013-2014 and reportedly earned her an additional $50, 000 per episode, according to Forbes.

So how does all that money add up in the bank account?

Well, it’s hard to say exactly without insider information or access to Frankel’s financial documents. But we can take a look at some educated guesses based on public information.


Assuming an annual income of $5 million after taxes , this equates approximately earning:

  • Per day: $13 698
  • Per hour: $570
  • Per minute: ~9$

It would take someone with average monthly earnings in USA working around 15 years just over three days’ work hours /228 = ~69h) for one-year income comparison purposes.


We do know that in early 2021 reports surfaced indicating Frankel had purchased a second apartment in Miami Beach worth almost $5 million. She also has various properties in The Hamptons and Manhattan, all of which likely require substantial funds for upkeep and maintenance.

Frankel also isn’t shy about her love for expensive clothing and accessories. In 2019, she revealed that her favorite pair of shoes are priced at an eye-watering $10, 000, but clarified that she would never spend that much on a single item of clothing herself.


Q: How much money did Frankel make from selling Skinnygirl Cocktails?

A: The exact figure is unclear, as the terms of the deal were not publicly disclosed. However, reports indicate that Beam Global paid somewhere between $8 million and $120 million for the brand back in 2011.

Q: Does Frankel donate any money to charity?

A: Yes! In fact, Bethenny Frankel founded the B Strong charity back in 2017 with a mission to empower women who have been affected by natural disasters or domestic violence. She has also donated to causes like Dress For Success and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In summary: Bethenny Frankel’s bank account probably looks pretty darn good. But beyond just numbers on paper, it’s clear that Frankel has worked hard to build an empire through smart business decisions and ultimately giving back to those less fortunate. And hey – if you’re ever feeling down about your own bank account balance, just remember: even multi-millionaires have expenses they can only dream about affording sometimes!

How Bethenny Made Her Fortune

Bethenny Frankel is not your average self-made millionaire. She managed to turn her reality television shows, Skinnygirl cocktails, and associated products into a $100 million empire. But how did she do it? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Early Days

Before hitting the big time, Bethenny took on a range of odd jobs, such as being a nanny for Paris Hilton and working as an assistant in Hollywood. However, the dream was always to work in television.

She got her big break after joining The Apprentice: Martha Stewart in 2005, where she finished runner-up. This led to spin-off show Bethenny Getting Married?, which documented her life leading up to marriage and the birth of her daughter Bryn.

Finding Success with Skinnygirl Cocktails

In 2009, Bethenny Frankel launched Skinnygirl Cocktails – initially producing low-calorie margarita mixes made without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Thanks to some well-placed appearances on TV shows and social networking sites like Twitter , sales of this product rose quickly.

The brand has since expanded its line of offerings beyond just beverages; they now sell anything from popcorns or salad dressings that are marketed towards healthy living enthusiasts who want their snacks guilt-free.

If you asked Frankel if there was a secret behind why specific successful people thrive in business when others don’t fare so well–she would tell you that successful folks continuously reinvent themselves constantly by taking risks while still staying aware of their niche audience’s changing tastes over time.

Critical Response

Not everything about Skinnygirl has been rosy; some critics have criticized the brand for promoting negative body images under the guise of “health” and for overly simplistic marketing tactics such as targeting women exclusively by having all-female tasting events.

Frankel countered that contention by insisting that the brand was not promoting a one-size-fits-all picture of what body idealism should resemble – merely urging people to lead a healthier lifestyle by drinking in moderation.

Expansion into Other Business Ventures

In addition to Skinnygirl Cocktails, Bethenny has ventured into other businesses and projects. She is an author, with her most successful book being “Naturally Thin, ” as well as releasing cookbooks. Her television production company named “Bethenny” produced multiple TV shows and reality TV formats.

She also has had her own daytime talk show called Bethenny, which ran from 2013-2014. This program addressed topics like marriage, parenting, beauty products, healthy life choices, and social conversations . The show’s previously unpublished correspondence dealt directly with its audience versus only featuring Frankel’s opinions on current events or celebrity lifestyles.


Q: What motivated Bethenny to create Skinnygirl?

A: Bethenny was frustrated at the time because healthy food options were limited while high-calorie cocktails were abundant during social gatherings. She believed there was an opportunity for success in the niche market of low-calorie mixed drinks without sugar substitutes. From trial and error came up with her famous line of Skinnygirl margarita mixes—a hit phenomenon today!

Q: How did she manage to build this brand so successfully?

A: Frankel utilized her existing fame on reality TV shows like Real Housewives New York City airing since 2008! To gain more traction for the launch of Skinny girl cocktail product lines, Bethenny leveraged first-hand knowledge on ingredients that work best for making cocktails but still aligning with staying relatively low-carb yet tasty enough all around.

Moreover, she capitalized on new forms of media marketing through social networks such as Twitter for reaching out towards customers who had become aware of their favorite celebrities’ everyday lives and activities.

Q: What can we learn from Bethenny Frankel’s story?

A: One of the greatest lessons we should take away from Bethenny’s success story is that with perseverance, adaptability, and remaining true to ourselves , anyone who dreams of being successful in business or whatever else they seek can achieve their goals. Skinnygirl Cocktails was not a clear “get-rich-quick” scheme that everyone could have started but rather an interesting concept by someone committed to pursuing this kind of path despite facing some criticism along the way.

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