How much is a vial of insulin in canada?

Diabetes is a widespread disease that has been affecting many people worldwide. Unfortunately, the prices of insulin in Canada have skyrocketed, making it more difficult for patients to afford constant treatment.

I know what you’re thinking: how much will I need to fork over just to achieve stable blood sugar levels and maintain my overall health? The answer may shock you.

The Cost of Insulin

The average Canadian diabetic spends $463 per month on their diabetes care. A vial of insulin alone costs between $30-60, depending on which brand/type your doctor prescribes you with. Syringes can range from as little as 10 cents per unit up to over $1 dollar each dependent upon the length and gauge chosen.

Seeing these numbers made me want to faint too! But don’t worry; we’ve got some tips and tricks for keeping those high costs low without sacrificing your health or stress level.

Regulating Your Prescription

Getting an accurate pulse on how much money will be spent monthly for supplies like syringes or pump tubing is vital when concerned about medication expenses. Remember, even small changes in dosages could add up tremendously so here’s where communication comes into play with your medical advisor.

Not afraid of needles? You could save several bucks by using human-grade not U-40 thin-walled veterinary syringes – please check with practitioner firstly though! Not only are they easy enough for beginners but functionally identical resulting in the very same dose amount reaching its destination!

Also recognize different types release at differing speeds causing distinct durations within circulation therefore it all depends on whether swift action such as Humalog is needed due to imminent danger by hypoglycemia (low sugar) while others like long-lasting Lantus deal better slow & gradual maintenance requiring less frequent pricks than Novorapid does prior meals because although quicker-working — it wears out quicker too !

Good News: Provincial Plans & Benefits

Not all hope is lost! Canadians can take comfort in the fact that provincial plans are available to help with insulin costs. Here are a few you may qualify for.

Ontario Drug Benefit Program

The Ontario government provides financial assistance through their drug benefit program, which covers prescription medications — including human insulin and pump supplies.

Insulin Pump Therapy Grant

Get your equipment covered by applying for the insulin pump therapy grant offered by the British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Health. This program also offers coverage on continuous glucose monitoring systems like Freestyle Libre 2 or Dexcom G6!

Disability Tax Credit

Eligibility required as per Canadian Revenue Agency’s rules but if qualified then great news!– Diabetics could potentially be eligible to receive disability tax credit benefits; thousands every year happily take advantage!

Apply For A Financial Support Program

If none of these programs seem applicable, don’t stress — there’s still options available! Look at support groups who’ll give tips regarding particular situations like how-to prioritize purchases well while taking-insurance information into account helping decision-making so that spending stays within realistic bounds without sacrificing quality healthcare needs being met correctly despite constraints placed upon them due to obstacles outside of their control such as lack funds preventing optimum care rendered…quite inspiring really.

Also inquire about various manufacturers rebate offers since they’re constantly searching for new clients – this plays big role therefore best not overlook anything whatsoever even tiny items because it’d add up over months especially when frequent last-minute emergency trips supply store get added up . In fact did you know sometimes giving doctors office permission share contact info could result freebies mailed regularly– BONUS!!

Price Comparison Sites

Don’t feel compelled to always purchase from local pharmacy – check out online retailers too; research thrives as making comparisons becomes easier than ever! Utilize price-comparison websites such as WellRx or GoodRx; these platforms are reputable and trustworthy when looking for the most affordable rates on insulin. Another resource worth checking out is, offering frequently updated statistics regarding current market fluctuations.

Look at Alternate Brands

Consider generic versions, like Apidra or Humulin — both have substantially different price tag compared to prohibitively expensive household names such as NovoRapid FlexPen. In addition be aware of switch therapy which allow it convenient transition from brand prescriptions available so long as detail known beforehand by discussing with medical professionals without no nasty surprises cropping up afterwards!

The diabetic patient community in Canada need not worry about how they will afford their insulin supplies any longer! By utilizing these methods, you’ll find yourself saving cash while still receiving top-notch treatment.

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