How much is a six inch sub at subway?

Are you a sandwich fanatic, always craving for something delicious and savory? Or are you just looking for an affordable meal that won’t break the bank? Look no further! In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Subway sandwiches and answer the age-old question: How much is a six-inch sub at Subway?

The Short Answer

At present, as per data on all US stores of Subway from June 24th 2021- July 21st, 2021. The average cost of a Six-Inch Sub depends on the store location but ranges between $3.49 to $5.99.

Sandwich Type Average Price
Black Forest Ham $4.59
Meatball Marinara $4.79
Turkey Breast $4.89
Tuna $5.19

The above table indicates few common types available in all stores but it’s important to note that prices vary depending on factors such as geographic region or restaurant location.


It’s been roughly over five decades since Fred DeLuca borrowed “a thousand dollars” from his friend Peter Buck to start what was originally known as Pete’s Super Submarines catering business.

Since then, they re-named their company “Subway” and transformed it into one of the world’s largest fast-food chains with more than 40,000 locations across nearly every continent – apart from Antarctica.

While many people are familiar with their trademarked slogan “Eat Fresh,” there’s probably still quite a bit about this iconic brand you don’t know— starting perhaps with understanding how much each sandwich costs!

Factors that affect pricing

Before I list down price-specifics based on your choice type of subway sandwich/sub roll, let’s take a look at some factors that are likely to affect the pricing:

Store location

Subway restaurants can be found in over 100 countries worldwide, and prices vary by country. Therefore, prices of subway meals will differ between different stores located in various regions.

Geographic Location

In addition to store location or region Subways also have additional price differences based on states within the US.


Similarly situated food outlets/restaurants may have an impact on Subway’s unit sales forcing outlet to lower their profit margins resulting difference in pricing for same sub sandwich/sub roll sold at different store locations.

Price comparison chart – Across all Stores

To help you further understand Subway’s Six-Inch sandwiches/types available thus providing deeper dive understanding into comparing each type cost-wise here is an overview of what they charge across average-priced stores.

Sandwich Type Average Price
Black Forest Ham $4.59
BLT $5.09
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt $6.79
Cold Cut Combo $4.79
Italian B.M.T $5.49
Meatball Marinara $4.79

Quite interestingly, even iconic subs such as meatball marinara only costs upwards from $4 with so many other affordable options available.

Analyzing Common Types Available:

Below is a rundown of popular six-inch submarine sandwhiches and relevant cost details:

Black Forest Ham

This one remains quite known amongst people who prefer lean-cut- meats filled edibles.

Standard ingredients include:

  • ​Black forest ham
  • Your choice vegetables (Lettuce/tomato(onion etc)
  • Cheese (varies)

Cost wise its better than many thought at just ($4.59)

Meatball Marinara

A classic sub from subway’s range has always been the go-to option that most people select. It’s hard to make meatballs wrong, but they’ve somehow managed to do a perfect job!

Standard ingredients include:

  • Meatballs
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato sauce/marinara
  • Cheese (varies)

Avg price – ($4.79)

However it is important to mention beyond prices the limit of options many outlets provide can vary as well.

For instance some outlets may just have one flavor marinara available at any given point so be sure to check in advance!

Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Sometimes you require something packed with proteins and Subway makes it easier for you nothing says “meat-lovers’ sandwich” like this!

Standard ingredients include:

  • Thin slices of steak
  • Cheddar cheese slice or Provolone cheese slice based on your preferece(substitute possible)
    -Slices Peppers-Onions-Mushroom.
    Choose your own vegetables!!

Average pricing : ($8) which seems a bit high compared to other typical sandwiches.

Tuna Sub

Many individuals think ‘healthy’ when hearing “Subway”, and this particular options caters specifically those looking for tuna-related edibles! While not enjoyed by all, it’s definitely worthwhile considering.

It also comes quite affordable — ($5.19).

How much is an additional topping?

Considering every individual may have different preferences even amongst similarly constructed sandwiches; location-specific cost variations should be expected based on how much one wishes to add on top.

The good news? If you’re trying budgeting out than rest assured because adding veggies onto certain subs/rolls will never exceed $1 / $.90 cnt per serving.

Final Thoughts-

Everyone wants a bite out of savory deliciousness—and no doubt you’ll identify yourself as one if reading this article. Some may vary to degree when it comes to Subway’s edibles and often receive some flack because of food freshness concerns being same as their slogan suggesting ‘Eat Fresh’.

But on terms of affordability, Six-Inch subs from out local outlets can cost less than $6 dollars a pop! Crunchy Vegetables(Tomatoes/lettuce/onion) added into delicious layerings (of selected type sandwich or sub roll option) make it an affordable meal for all ages in comparison with other fast-food chains where least-expensive menu items easily surpass this average cost limit.

Hope you enjoyed your scroll through the world of the ‘Subway’; more particularly How Much does One Sandwhich Cost?. With Millions served annually, clientele will always have plenty to choose from!– Your unique combination preferences are just around the corner waiting!!

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