How much ginkgo to take?

Ginkgo biloba, or simply ginkgo, is a popular herbal supplement that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. It’s known as the maidenhair tree and is native to China but can now be found globally.

This supplement has gained popularity due to its potential cognitive benefits such as memory enhancement and improved focus, among others. However, taking too much of it can have undesirable side effects.

So how much Ginkgo should you take? Let’s dive into this article ‘with all guns blazing‘!

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Before we get deep into the dosage guidelines of ginkgo supplements, let’s address what exactly ginkgo is first.

Gingko biloba comes from the leaves of Gingko trees; they are long-living trees with fan-shaped foliage which could go on for 1-2 billion years (no kidding). This herbaceous plant contains two main ingredients namely; ginnlactones and flavonoids which work together in enhancing memory quality by improving blood circulation by increasing antioxidant activity which results in preventing cell aging process among other health benefits. (Bet you didn’t know all that!)

Benefits of Taking Ginko

Moving on swiftly,-Let me break it down … why do people decide to turn towards using supplements containing Gingko Biloba? Firstly,Years (mindblowing am I right?) before western driven medical establishments emerged there were traditional ideologies about medicinal applications associated with common plants like gingkos.Eat up! (just joking…) Ok so some research shows positive correlations between taking gingkowith enhanced cognition includingmemorial function,long limbic neural encoding and retrieval capabilitysecondlyIt also helps relieves severe PMS symptoms seen through reductions in depression/anxiety neurosisopposedto those taking placebos Lastly, Gingko has been considered to have a preventative action that combats dementia and Alzheimer’s.

What determines the Ginkgo dosage

You may be wondering, what factors determine how much ginkgo you should take? Let me enlighten you further:

  1. Age– depending on your age group (Young folks, don’t fret…you’re regarded as lucky ducks in this context) accordingly determine how much ginkgo one is supposed to take. If you are reading this article and belong to elderly demography it’s important for you to note there may exist different ingestion requirements of gingkos from those given for youth or middle-aged adults

  2. Medical History/Current Condition: It might just work out between some people and their physicians if they first find out if taking Gingko supplements could interfere with underlying diseases sinceaccompanying prescription medication or existing medical conditions can bring about some side effect onset.

  3. 5 Go-Gin sub-section (Genes – Gender – Glitz) check them bulleted below!

    • Genetics-

      As staggering at it may sound genetics actually play a part in determining what dose is best suited.However current research shows that no clear cut data establishes how genetics influence gingkodistribution amongst the populace.

    • Gender

    Studies indicate women absorb Ginkgo differently than men do possibly due hormonal imbalances resulting from menstruation cycles.A lot more needs to be studied still within targeted demographic(s).

  4. Gluten-free diet

    ‘’Guten-Riddance!’’ How doe gluten free diets come into play> Eliminating any allergenic compounds healthily contributes taking recommended dosages.This procedure specifically eradicates overconsumption risk & ensures consistency in intake amounts.

## Dosage Guidelines

So let’s get down to business! With all these variables outlined above one might ask themselves,”Well then how much should I Take?” Don’t worry! We have ”dot the I’s and crossed the T’s” just for you.

Firstly, it’s important to note that there isn’t a standard dose for ginkgo due to its potential risks.What we do know though is based solely on statistics formed after masses who have taken gingko with almost no major resulting side effects/grievances.

Here are some dosage guidelines worth remembering when taking Ginkgo:

Dosage Forms

Choose your desired supplement form before dosing-The amount of Gingko in each product may vary

  • Capsule

The most common form of supplements usually contains between

  • Dosages range from30 mg -240mg daily
  • Supplement forms are mostly standardized extract type

  • Liquid Extract

    These could be breathed or ingested

    A typical splayout includes:

    • Dosages ranging between 1-4 ml (milliliters) per day

Recommended Dose By Age

Now lets discuss the required amounts by age bracket

For people aged :

  • 0-18 years old:

    There lacks data therefore it is not recommended distributing prescription to children under this age unless prescriber approves

  • 18-65 years old:

    It’s safe for adults within this demographic can safely use doses ranging from:

    Taking in between120mg)per up to 240 milligrams daily is what resonated across experiments conducted over various research studies.In a few test cases an intake level of up-to about60 milligrams per day was reported helpful however caution should still be exhibited whilst using gingkos as current data still needs further corroboration.

Some relevant medical authorities suggest dividing Ingestion evenly into two servings spreading doses throughout morning/afternoon(each capsule usually containing more than40/mg)

  • 65 and older:

    Those within this age bracket can benefit preferentially from using ginko supplements.
    e.g., Use of 1capsule consistently for every 4.5kg body weight should work efficiently or a standard dose of120-240mg per day (standardized extract capsule).

Quality Matters

Quality extraction method are effective in getting desired amount of gingko..Checking to see the supplement containing ‘24% ginnlactones’ above all other options will suffice while

Side Effects and Precautions with Ginkgo

There is no miracle solution without faults, so it’s important to keep an eye out on side-effects that may arise some include:

  • Stomach issues

    Ingesting higher Gingko supplements than recommended could end u triggering inconsistencies thus resulting into experience gastric upsets generally manifest as loose stool/diarrhea.

  • Blood flow-related issues

    Though rarely recorded they tend to occur when someone takes immense doses which result in blood circulation abnormalities hence raising chances experiencing consequences such fainting spells

Here are few precautions worth considering before taking Gingko :

  • It is crucial ingesting moderate safe/follow recommendation levels
  • Women who are pregnant/breastfeeding MUST NOT take Gingkos.


So there you have it! Remember that despite outlining general recommendations, consulting a physician first won’t hurt during development stages once one decides ingesting these supplements.Let this ‘’pinch hit” article be your friend guiding hand reducing risk guesswork adapting healthy lifestyle changes by donning responsible intake habits (who knew being responsible was amusing too?)

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