How much fat is in potato chips experiment?

Ah, potato chips. The perfect snack for any occasion; whether you’re watching a movie, hanging out with friends or just munching on some comfort food. But have you ever stopped to consider just how much fat is in those crispy little slices of heaven?

Well, fear not my fellow chip-lovers! In this hilarious article, we will take a deep dive into the world of potato chips and explore just how much fat they contain.

What are Potato Chips?

Before we begin our experiment, let’s first establish what exactly constitutes as a ‘potato chip’. A potato chip (or crisp if you’re from the UK) is simply sliced and fried potatoes that are seasoned with various flavors such as salt or vinegar.

History Lesson: The Origin Story of the Humble Potato Chip

Believe it or not folks, but the history of the potato chip goes all the way back to 1853 when an unhappy customer at Moon’s Lake House restaurant in Saratoga Springs kept sending his fried potatoes back complaining that they were too thick and soggy. Chef George Crum had enough and decided to slice them ridiculously thin out of spite before frying them up until they were crispy golden brown then drenched them in salt.

The rest is culinary history!

Manufacturing Process

Now that we know what potato chips are made of let’s take a look at how they’re made!

Potato chips come from matured whole potatoes which undergo rigorous processing (because who doesn’t love meticulous rigour?) before being transformed into everyone’s favourite salty snack. Here are some steps taken by manufacturers:

  1. Sorting the spuds- picking out dirty ones
  2. Washed
    3.Peeling– like peeling onions only more difficult ††
    4.Sliced – imagine getting used to any size between 0.035 and 0.130 inches thick with zero tolerance errors.
    5.Oil bathing- the potatoes are dipped (consensually) in oil or hot air blasted depending on whether it’s a healthy option, then fried until golden brown if using oil
    6.Seasoned – seasoned so that you can almost taste heaven?swept straight from the clouds of course

By now everyone should appreciate why these snacks are not just simple sliced and fried goodness. It’s an art!

Experiment Time: How Much Fat is in Potato Chips?

Now for the actual experiment! We will be conducting a test to see how much fat is in potato chips.

What You Will Need:

  1. A bag of potato chips (We recommend Lay’s Classic Potato Chips)
  2. A food scale
  3. Paper towels
    4.Cold Water preferably fresh from aliens(the tears probably increase accuracy)


1.Start by preparing your workspace – this means opening up your bag of chips safely without crushing them into dust! Not too strenuous here folks.
2.Once you’ve gotten yourself situated, take out some paper towels and lightly pat down some of the oil off each chip(maybe hug it tight while at it).
3.Next, weigh 10 grams (about one serving size) of chips on your brand new digital kitchen scale †††.
4.Write down the weight/measurement somewhere safe(avoiding having Siri transcribe it before saying “potato ships” instead).
5.Curse like a sailor over accidentally brushing away what seems like salt but turns out otherwise(a.k.a cleaning fingers),but only after recording measurements.

Let’s move on shall we?

7.Fill up cold water in a cup(don’t drink yet!)
8.Bring out another dry paper towel(to mop any spills or splashes hmm?)
9.Place the chips gently in the cup of cold water(make sure it’s all covered)
10.Now let your potato-chip-filled-cup sit for 15 minutes(chips at rest, content and ready to share their secrets).
11.After 15 minutes take out each chip from your newly created soup
12.Blotted with new paper towel to dry off.(we’re simply looking for a difference in oil stain moistness)
13.Weigh them again and document that information as well.


It’s time to put on our math hats people! No calculators allowed (just kidding I won’t be able to do math without one). Here are some equations you will need :

  • Total Weight Before Soaking: Initial Weight
  • Total Weight After Soaking: Final Weight
  • Difference in weight : Final weight – Initial weight

Finish this experiment like a pro by measuring how much fat is soaked up inside serving size bag(must have asked Siri or Googled first though).


And there you have it folks, our own little DIY test that can give lab testers a run for their money. It seems that chips soak up enough oils, making them high-fat snacks- but what did we expect? They are sliced fried potatoes after all!

While snacking on these delights may not do wonders for your health journey(that already had facts backing),it’s clear they will continue being favorites around the globe, especially when binge-eating (disclaimer: moderation preferred) while re-watching favourite shows!

††I mean who has ever peeled onions successfully without crying?

†††Disclaimer – This author does not guarantee measurements taken w/ suggested equipment!

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