How much does vivitrol cost per month?

Are you tired of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on medications that promise to improve your quality of life? Well, look no further, because today we’ll be discussing the price tag attached to Vivitrol. If you’re not familiar with it, Vivitrol is a medication used to treat alcohol and opioid dependence by blocking the effects of opioids and alcohol on the brain.

What is Vivitrol?

Before diving into how much this treatment costs, let’s first understand what it is all about. Despite being relatively new in comparison to other addiction treatments like methadone and buprenorphine, many people have come to prefer it due to its ease, safety profile as well as effectiveness.

How does Vivitrol work?

Generally speaking,Vivitrol works through microspheres – these are particles that release small amounts of naltrexone over an extended period after being injected into body tissue such as muscles. The drug then enters the bloodstream gradually and remains active for 4 weeks before needing another administration.

But how exactly does it tackle addiction? Well, unlike other approaches that involve pharmacologically-supervised withdrawal from drugs such as benzos or opiates; Viviotl functions via blocking receptors on brain cells which would otherwise respond positively upon contact with addictive substances . As a result there’s little ‘buzz’ felt when an individual takes heroin while receiving treatment with naltrexone.

Coverage offered

As tempting as trying out this newer alternative may seem especially for individuals who have tried several different kinds without success – financial constraints often play a major role in decision making process concerning outpatient therapies.

Though terms vary across countries within which one lives , various health insurers make provision for coverage based off specified criteria such patient overall health status、documented abstinence periods alongside commitments made towards ongoing therapy sessions during recovery journey

Keep reading below to find out how much you might need to budget for this medication alongside its associated costs.

Does insurance cover Vivitrol?

Does that mean you have no choice but to bear the brunt of exorbitant expenses alone? The answer is NO. Depending on your health insurance provider , choose one who can offer coverage for vivtoil, there may be a chance they’ll help pay for the drug or at least cover some portion of it.

However, regardless of eligibility status,some factors typically influence either amount dispensed by pharmacists – various nuances related with dispensation terms across pharmacies within localities where patients reside in

What about Medicaid and Medicare?

What then happens when not fortunate enough to enjoy support from private insurance companies ? Options are available through both Medicaid and Medicare programs.

How does Medicaid work with Vivitrol?

For instance, under State-run medical aid program like Medi-Caid provisions exist which incorporate limited funding covering essentials during treatment course including patients’ use of vivatrol; some reports suggest potential assisstance providing up 12 months free medications-only caveat being validation proof before application.

Can I get financial assistance if I’m on Medicare?

On the other hand for certain population groups such as those over age sixty-five years old ,one has access via medicare Part D prescriptions – Naltrexone serves as covered benefit here too however coverage limits vary case-by-case so consult healthcare plan summary carefully

What’s the cost without insurance?

Perhaps though none qualified and must pay out-of-pocket because commercial health preneurship doesn’t come equipped with that incentive package;- Your final decision lies in whether investing additional monies will translate into value extraction long-term benefits such as abstinence…among others

But what exactly should your pocket expect to part off depending on residence location ?

What’s the average price per shot?

Typically,costs per individual dose usually calculated in three categories:

The actual drug cost, professional injection fees and incidental supplies – which include nurse who applies it dedicated disposable syringes, alcohol wipes among others

That said here are typical rates for shot per category:

  • Actual Vivitrol Drug: Averages at $1,000-$1,500.
  • This pricing differs according to geographic region 、 third-party vendors as well as availability within your locale .

  • Professional Injection Fees: Ranges from $20 – $125.
    -The variation often based upon medical provider administering service.

  • Incedental Supplies ; Consists of any extra essentials like additional nursing time or use overhead expenses. Often amounts to less than $10.

What’s the monthly expense?

However for compliance purposes individuals seekout long-term disease management usually continue with recommended medication courses lasting up 12 months.Vivatrol is no exception.

Hence total projected costs across a given year would come in between roughly around$ 14k and \~$26k

How does this compare?

Let’s put this into perspective.So how exactly does Naltrexone cost look compared especially considering that you may end up spending all these monies out of pocket?

Well,it depends on desired formulation(like pill,nasal-spray,injections),patient-specific demographics but generally!

For example: naltrexone pills can be purchased anywhere from [insert low price] up through [insert high price]; Patients purchasing via injectable form spend over [$costing][ insert amount+currency symbol] each month.

Perhaps now more aware concerning what shelling out-of-pocket could do ,mindfulness becomes key while making the tough decisions necessary when undergoing medication assisted treatment!


To wrap things up,vivitrol remains an option many choose nowadays when battling addiction especially with substances such as opioids,and/or alcohol.Your personal healthcare plan affects finance dynamics.Insurance availability, geographic location alongside assistance such as Medicaid or Medicare play fundamental role pricing wise .Typical Costs comprise actual vivitrol price per shot,professional injection fees and incidental supplies- Cumulative expense amounting up to $ 14k – 26K.(within a span of one year)

Thus,mindfulness becomes key while making the tough decisions necessary when undergoing medication-assisted treatment!

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