How much does non surgical hair replacement cost?

Are you tired of your bald or thinning hair? Want to achieve that full head of luscious locks without the hassle and pain of surgery? Well, look no further! Non-surgical hair replacement is here to save the day!

But wait, how much does it actually cost? Let’s dive into this hairy topic and find out.

What is non-surgical hair replacement?

Before we get started talking about costs, let’s first define what non-surgical hair replacement actually entails. Non-surgical hair replacement refers to any method designed to enhance the appearance of natural hair without surgically removing skin from the scalp. Essentially, non-surgical methods involve adding extra strands of synthetic or natural human-like fibers onto existing follicles.

Some popular methods include toupees (for men) or wigs (for women), clip-ins extensions or a more specialized microfilament system known as SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) which gives an illusion of having fuller-looking hair by providing tiny pigments throughout upper layers.

How much can I expect to pay for my new locks?

Now that we’ve defined what we’re working with let’s dive straight into everyone’s favorite topic when it comes to beauty needs – COSTS. sighs

The truth is there are many variables when determining how much one will spend on their brand new perfect tresses hovering over their oops-I-did-it-again foreheads… Budget estimates can be around $500 for fiber-based extensions all the way up depending on choice up until $50k-$70k yearly memberships for luxury wig subscription sites..


  • Hair quality: Synthetic vs Natural vs Human-like Fibers effect prices from anywhere between $200 – $8,000 in initial purchase fees.
  • Density levels determine cost dependant upon amount installed.
    • Low density ranges between $1000-$2000
    • High density creates a more fuller look and pricing around $4000-$7000
  • Technology also plays a role, SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) which adds hair like pigments over scalp skin has emerged as an effective technique for making one’s head appear fuller. This cool technology comes in at around the high end of price estimates.

Service & Maintenance

However, initial purchase fees are not the only thing to consider when tallying up expenses. Regular maintenance is important to keep your new fibers looking luscious so add on another possible few grand per year!

These costs can include but are not limited to washing any toupee or wig, maintaining required installation schedule appointments and overall upkeep of existing locks after installment. For example if you go for human-like fiber 50-dollar-a-piece service may need to be four times yearly however with higher quality fibers that obligation could drop quite significantly because they’re just better made!

So why do prices vary so much?

Good question! The short answer is it largely depends on supply and demand… oh and unfortunately our old pal ‘quality’.

Supply & Demand

Due mostly to greater demand amongst those wanting non-surgical changes from DIY clip-ins all the way up until temporary BaldExperienced themed tatoos found online creating entire community social pages due to this rising trend; there isn’t currently enough hair replacement products being mass-manufactured at appropriate rates.You don’t see them often available within storefronts nationwide yet – though most larger metro areas have options easily accessible even without entering a salon directly..


When it comes down simply understanding cost varies quite based upon whether any particular client decides synthetic vs natural Androgenetical Alopicia grade A+ quality x level density during consultation appointmentss.. That means some folks might feel more comfortable taking chances otherwise missing out entirely while others are willing to scope out photos on IG making decisions based upon products with existing good reviews.

In the end, is it worth it?

The million-dollar question (figuratively speaking). Ultimately, whether or not non-surgical hair replacement is worth the cost will depend entirely on your personal preferences and financial situation.

For some people, having a full head of luscious locks can be a confidence booster and pure self-esteem stomp; for others This time honored tradition just doesn’t appeal as an option at all then again surveys show far too often desire actual treatment causes significant depression/others mindfully building complete lifestyles around portraying perfect images that they are desires factored into equation.. Whatever your reasoning, one thing’s for sure: you can definitely achieve your dream tresses without ever going under the knife.


  • Non-invasive
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Can boost self-confidence


  • Expensive initial purchase costs.
  • Regular maintenance required sometimes more expensive than original product investment.
  • May require additional backup purchases in case of unforeseen accidents such as – umm- hair-eating fires?
    Important: All additional sale product must go through continued same process/ installation schedule/maintenance being kept first priority!


So there we have it! The lowdown on how much non-surgical hair replacement may cost depending on numerous factors including quality, density levels and maintaining reasonable upkeep after originally resuscitating what you perhaps before only dreamed of.. Remember that prices vary quite based upon supply & demand so keep future dealings informed according to any market differences early in discovery phases opposed to waiting until later stages digesting multiple variables better pieced together individually.

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