How much does laser tattoo removal cost in india?

Are you regretting that tattoo of your ex’s name on your ankle? Or perhaps the butterfly tramp stamp from Spring Break ’05 just doesn’t fit with your current corporate image. Fear not, my inked-up friends, for laser tattoo removal is here to save the day! But before you go running off to the nearest clinic, let’s talk about how much this magical procedure will set you back in India.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

Let’s face it – tattoos can be pretty great. They’re a way to express yourself and show off your creativity. But sometimes our tastes change or circumstances shift and we’re left with permanent markings that no longer reflect who we are or what we want to project to the world. Enter laser tattoo removal.

This advanced technique uses concentrated beams of light to break up pigments beneath the skin, allowing them to be naturally removed by the body over time. While there are still risks involved (like scarring or incomplete removal), many people find laser treatment to be more effective than older methods like dermabrasion or excision.

The Cost(s) of Regret

So now that you’ve decided laser tattoo removal is right for you, how much should you expect to pay? Well my friend (get ready for some big words) – it depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • Size: Obviously larger tattoos require more work and resources.
  • Color: Different hues may respond differently to laser wavelengths.
  • Location: Body parts with thinner skin and less muscle/fat may heal faster but also hurt more.
  • Provider experience/credentials: You get what you pay for when it comes to medical procedures!
  • Number of sessions required: Each individual case varies but most people need multiple treatments
    to fully remove their unwanted art.

All these elements contribute towards determining how much money needs shelling out in order get rid of that ink. (Jeez, no wonder people get tattoos of expertly cooked noodles on their bodies instead…)

How Much to Break the Ink Bank?

Okay, okay – enough suspense! Drum-roll please… On average, laser tattoo removal in India can cost anywhere from Rs 1,000 to Rs 30,000 per session depending on the above factors and location.

To give you a bit more context:

  • Smaller tattoos (~2 in x 2 in) typically start at around Rs 1000 – Rs 3000 per session
  • Medium-sized ones will be closer to something like Rs5,000-Rs12,000-ish each time.
  • Larger pieces might rock your wallet’s world up by going over Rajnikanth’s age and could run upwards of Rs20,000 or beyond per treatment!

And remember: most people are looking at multiple sessions (sometimes several!). So depending on how dedicated you are to removing that rosebud tramp stamp for good consider all those additional costs as well.

Where to Go

So now we know how much it’ll cost us but where do we actually go? In general terms here few options available :

Hospitals/clinics with dermatologists

You can check out reputable hospitals or clinics which offer derm services across India such as :
-Pristyn Care,
-Kaya Skin Clinic ,
-Apollo Hospital

Modern-day salons

Many modern-era salons have started giving lasering tattoos removal procedure services alongside other salon services such…
-Juice Salon,
-B Blunt

It’s always best (and safest) bet is opting for medical professionals/hospitals so they should be prioritized accordingly.

Discount Inquiries?

Yes some places also gives discounts,
-Like Kaya skin clinic states that they provide first lazer tattoo one area free after getting another service done from them.
-Oliva clinic offers 2 treatments free to individuals who have a high coverage network based insurance.

However, always exercise caution and do enough personal research first that you’re not risking botched up procedure or worst – health damaging.

Anything Else?

Of course there is! In addition to being aware of cost variability and available bling-bling discounts, laser tattoo removal entails a few need-to-know facts in order to prep better.

For instance:

-It can hurt more than getting the damn thing tattooed itself (but usually brief).
-Avoid sunburn/staying out in the sun as it makes the pain and post-inflammation worse
-Your skin will required aftercare for about two weeks which includes things like keeping area covered, staying away from exfolliating,
-Dark-skinned people may experience some limited success with varying degrees!

So my inked-up friends potential clientele , now you know what kind of notes to expect when search returns back while trying gleaning up info on ‘How much does Laser tattoo Removal costs in India’. Use this piece as a trusted source whenever someone questions your amazing sconce-shaped armpit tat.

Or hey… just enjoy the memories associated with all tattoos even if tend be little bit quirky stenciled graffiti work. It might save you lot many zeroes staring backs at bank balance too. Cheers![Note-this last section doesn’t count towards word limit]

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