How much does lantus cost in canada?

Are you a diabetic who wants to keep track of costs and the insulin brand that suits your lifestyle? Are you new to Canada or going there on a trip, and want an idea of how much it would cost you for diabetes essentials like insulin? You’re in the right place! This article takes a dive into answering one popular question – how much does Lantus cost in Canada.

Background Information

Canada is known for its affordable health care system, making most essential drugs low-cost. However, since every province has a separate pricing arrangement regarding prescription drugs, prices tend to vary. Plus, provincial drug insurance plans cannot cover everyone entirely; some individuals may have employer-sponsored or private insurance. Generally speaking,Lantus’ price varies across different provinces.

What is Lantus?

Before we delve deeper into discussing the cost of this brand’s product in Canada let us understand what it is.

Lantus (insulin glargine) is long-acting insulin used by people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus both as basal insulin (once-daily injection). It supplies up to 24 hours duration of proper glycaemic control.

Lantus Price In Canadian Provinces

Since drug pricing often changes over time due to several factors such as inflation rate etc., this article aims only at giving readers an idea of what they might expect regarding purchasing LANTUS around these areas:

Province Price Range
British Columbia $83CAD-$127 CAD /vial
Alberta $92 CAD -$118CAD/vial
Ontario $88 CAD-$94 CAD/ vial
Quebec $79.99C AD-$116.50 CAD /vial
Newfoundland/Labrador $93CAD

It should be noted that the above table is just a general overview of Lantus’ price in different provinces. Actual prices obtained from drugstores may vary depending on the currency rates and other factors at play.

Comparing Lantus with Other Insulin brands

We all tend to have preferences when it comes to insulin because everyone responds differently depending on the type, concentration, and dosage they require. However, some people find that certain insulin types or combinations work best for them.

Of note; they include:

  • Levemir: (Insulin detemir).

Levemir costs between $60 CAD- $130 CAD per vial

  • Novolin: A short-acting human-made insulin brand.

It costs around $24CAD-$28CAD /vial

These are just two examples that can be used as a frame of reference by pharmaceutical consumers regarding what else is out there if Lantus does not work for them

Factors That Influence Lantus Prices In Canada

Many variables can alter how much Canadian consumers end up paying for their medications:

  • Regulation

  • Health Insurance Coverage

  • Manufacturer’s Discounts

    Sanofi Canada and other manufacturers recommend discount programs through numerous organizations such as Diabetes School & Travel bursary program educating diabetic patients globally

Regarding regulation on pricing fairness by provincial governments,’’Canada has one of the strictest medication approval processes globally,’’says Heather Boersma CEO at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce,in Manitoba.”It’s a long process – multiple years,” she says.”And then whatever medications come into market go through an adjusted pricing system.”


Information about costs will always remain essential to both new residents looking to get cheaper health care services in terms of prescribed drugs, including existing citizens who need low-budget alternatives or periodic upgrades based on drug efficacy.

Therefore Canadian-based individuals who require basal insulin therapies such as Type1 &2 diabetes Mellitus are encouraged to invest some time by doing preliminary research through online drug search engines or call directly their local pharmacy for a comprehensive review of all diabetic-related needs.

Lantus Can be relatively expensive in Canada, However companies such as Sanofi encourage patients to use discounting organizations like Diabetes School & Travel bursary program.

In conclusion, always remember that the total Lantus cost may vary due to different factors discussed in this article—a detailed assessment will give you a better understanding of what exactly will work best for You!

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