How much does hair rebonding cost in uk?

Are you tired of your frizzy hair? Do you want to get the sleek and shiny look that has been all over Instagram lately? Then, hair rebonding might be just what you need. But before we delve into the details on how much it costs, let’s first discuss what hair rebonding actually is.

What is Hair Rebonding?

Hair Rebonding is a chemical treatment that makes curly or wavy hair straight. It involves applying a relaxant solution to the hair which breaks down the natural bonds in the strands. Then, heat is applied to re-bond these broken ends into a straight pattern.

Now that we have established what this beauty procedure entails, let’s move on to talk about its cost.

Factors Affecting Hair Rebonding Cost

Several factors can influence how much your experience would cost:

1) Location

The location where you decide to get your hair done will significantly affect how much it’ll cost. Cities like London are known for their higher prices compared with other smaller cities.

2) Reputation

If you choose an experienced stylist (or salon) who has worked with many Eastern clients before and understands their particular requirements when it comes to this service – expect to pay more than if someone less informed performs it correctly from scratch!

3) Length & Thickness of Your Hair

How long and thick your tresses determine how much money goes into relaxing them fully by dividing each segment perfectly–each lock needs separate handling before going under hot plates (brushes). The longer or thicker they are; then naturally requires more time thus increasing costs accordingly since certain sections must be repeated multiple times over one session than others may require fewer passes due either because shorter lengths won’t need repeating phases often as shown below:
|- |-|
|Short (£60-£80)| Thin (£100-£140)|
|Medium (£90-£120)| Medium (£150-£200)|
|Long (£140 onwards)| Thick (> £200)|

4) Treatment Required

Some people may only need a Standard treatment, while others might require additional care. For example, individuals with severely tangled hair or those who want to add volume or extra styling requirements after rebonding can pay more for these added services.

With all of this in mind let’s now take a closer look at how much it really does cost when broken down into respective variables affecting prices!

Cost Breakdown of Hair Rebonding in UK

Here is an approximate breakdown of how much hair rebonding costs in the United Kingdom:

  • Basic hair rebond starts between £70 – £100 (Depending on the length & thickness)

This includes shampoo and conditioning treatments before and after your service as well as basic preparation products required like flat iron sheets etc., so expect things not mentioned above (such as specific hairspray for sensitive scalps if needed).

Chemical straightening begins around £300 but can vary depending on where you go / specialist areas nearby

This involves treating larger portions with relaxer solution which will break locks from natural bonds similarly to standard method outlined previously; afterwards heated plates smooth out each piece entirely creating a uniform finish effect.
Compared against higher end options available within city/towns where local experienced stylists provide premium quality experience then price boundaries usually exceeded naturally given their level expertise often providing lasting positive results.

  • Overall Costs typically range between: £300 – £700?&
    These universal systems improve user satisfaction by guaranteeing long-lasting outcomes leaving behind thrilled customers overjoyed their investments placed worthwhile always!

That seemingly large price tag comes with many benefits too; something that some salons advertise high-end moisturizing ingredients alongside use superior quality products ensuring customer satisfaction isn’t neglected in the process. Plus, improved outcome results seem more common with clinics adopting such luxury alternatives leading to further positive reviews!


Hair rebonding can be the perfect solution for people who want manageable and luscious-looking hair. However, since cost is undoubtedly a significant factor when deciding whether to undergo this procedure or not – it’s essential to remember that location, reputation of stylist/salon chosen plays into final bill costs so make sure check around a bit before you commit yourself fully?

In conclusion: despite being an expensive treatment initially long term satisfaction appears much higher plus allows experiencing phenomenal experience ensuring happy clients effortlessly maintaining appearance leading successful outcomes ultimately making them follow up again!