How much does garlique cost?

If you’re anything like me, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘Garlique’ is a mix of garlic and unique sounding products. So, how much does this unique-sounding product actually cost? We did some digging around so you won’t have to go through the hassle of researching for yourselves.

Hold Up…What even IS Garlique?

Before we can dive into how expensive it is, let’s address what exactly Garlique is. I mean sure we could all gather that it has something to do with Garlic but really, what sets this supplement apart from any other one on the market?

Well my dear reader, let me enlighten you…

Garlique claims to be “The Original Garlic Supplement,” offering consumers an odor-free tasteless supplement comprised of Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea).

This plant has properties similar to those found in traditional garlic bulbs while also having several added health benefits such as being gentle on your stomach and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels among others.

Now that we’ve established what ‘Garlicques’ foundation lies upon. Let’s talk about its dent on our wallets/shoeboxes under bridges where some people choose to reside!

Price not Nice

Don’t be fooled by its appearance; just because it lacks an eye-watering smell doesn’t meet that this product doesn’t carry a heavy price tag.

While different merchants may offer varying rates depending on their profit margin or marketing strategy; typical retail options price a 60 count bottle at $13-$20

That’s no chump change if you ask me! But wait there’s more! Just kidding —this supplements’ active ingredient content stands out despite its affordable rate. As mentioned earlier:

Society garlic extract (bulb) = 200mg
Total allicin release potential = 3200 mcg 

This means that despite the affordable pricing, Garlique is packed with enough active ingredient content to yield the results you’re looking for.

So why is it not more expensive?

The frugal shopper in us may start to wonder “If this has all these great health benefits and higher levels of effectiveness than your average garlic supplement, why doesn’t this come at a butter-my-bread type “premium price tag”?”

Well my friend let me break it down for you…

  • Limited Market:

While having an odor-free garlic supplement sounds enticing; many opt-out believing that if something lacks pungency or potency -it isn’t as potent. In addition only certain stores/shops carry them limiting its target audience.

  • Lack of Demand

Let’s be real, some people want their supplements to have just as much bite as they do in taste while others don’t even take supplements. The market size will greatly limit the potential revenue stream making it harder to justify charging premium rates.

  • Distinguishing characteristics

While its unique charm claims a leg up ease-of-use-wise compared before other similar options on shelves —this same point might work against demand-wise. Garlic’s smell/taste has made itself such an iconic part of our culture that products aiming to serve identical purposes lose appeal due to these nuanced differences (quietly solving stomach issues without announcing themselves through peculiar afteruse smells..)

So now we know what makes Garlique attractive but also somewhat limited in terms of generating widespread demand”. With limited market penetration & distinguishing characteristics vying against giving prices sky-high tendrils—it currently offers consumers fantastic value for money!

Little Bit Goes A long Way

You’d think since it’s so affordable readying one bottle wouldn’t last past a few days -but honestly, most users won’t be consuming too frequently given how Potent Garlique really is.

Given Garlique’s active ingredient content amounting up to 200mg extracted from Society Garlic bulbs, the effect is quite considerable compared with conventional garlic sources which offer far smaller dosages.

Adults are recommended taking one tablet by mouth each day; ideally in mild unison across meals , a much needed steadiness given how powerful ‘Garlique’ can actually be.

So during purchase you get an economical product that won’t run out too soon hence saving on reordering needs Frequency as well!

A Favorite Amongst Some

As we’ve already discussed –Garlicques lack of potency-only characteristic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there are those individuals who swear it helps them in more than minor ways.

Customer Reviews can give insight to what people really think about its lingering abilities- just because they’re not shouting praise off social media doesn’t make their endorsement mean any less!Checkout some reviews:

“This has been great for my health and helped maintain good cholesterol levels amongst other benefits” Lynn S, Amazon review

“No long-lasting aftertaste or smell made me feel comfortable keeping these along even at work!” Jane M, Walmart user

Your mileage may vary though so your results might differ— and then again perhaps like Jane above too—Perhaps you’ll enjoy being able to tote pungent-induced peace-of-mind around with no fear!

I’m Sold! Where Can I Obtain My Own?

You know all now; whether right down new-to-you details/ enough saved behind eyebrows: options abound when it comes obtaining Garlique —and our morals haven’t been compromised giving this recommendation either.

In fact–Like most supplements nowadays- these pills online from specific vendors: such as Skilled care pharmacy & eVitamins are obtainable ready.

Otherwise brick-and-mortar stores Of differing shape-&-size: including but not limited to Walmart, Walgreens & CVS offer physical-stores options with a larger range of choices price wise. Simply search for garlique stockists near your current location.


All things considered while Garlique comes at an affordable rate without the same charges some others have— it’s effectiveness is not comparably compromised.

With 60 count bottles ranging $13-20 depending on where you choose to purchase from; this product offers consumers above-average active ingredient content per serving and fully delivers on being odor-free-tasteless yet holding onto helpful health benefits; such as a lowering of bad cholesterol levels within moderate dosing schedules .

Leverage discount codes if/where available when placing orders so you could save up for snacks later that day or simply pound your chest knowing how well #adulting has been treating you!

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