How much does epidiolex cost?

Are you considering taking the latest and greatest way to deal with epilepsy? Epidiolex is a prescription medication used to improve seizure frequency in individuals with various forms of epilepsy. It has been demonstrated to be safe and effective, but before starting treatment, let’s consider whether Epidiolex makes economic sense.

What Is Epidiolex?

We’ll get into average costs later on, but first it’s important that we consider what exactly Epidiolex is. Produced from cannabis plants rich in cannabidiol (CBD), Epidiolex works by regulating electrical activity in the brain regions that cause seizures. CBD oils are well-known for their health benefits as they reduce symptoms such as anxiety or depression but with less than 0.3% THC can help treat some serious medical conditions legally.

The drug was previously approved under compassionate use” Request RTU provisions applying only approximately 120 patients monthly at $30,000/year until official FDA approval of GW Pharmaceuticals’ New Drug Application.

After rigorous clinical testing and trials, it became officially approved by the United Kingdoms’ Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in September 2019 under license number PLGB00398/0132,” an indication of its standards concerning quality assurance have met European requirements resulting from GWP42006 research programs In addition.”

The Average Cost

Now back to our burning question – how much does this potent treatment cost? Well… unfortunately calculating this isn’t so simple since treatment may differ slightly depending on dosage needed. However! There are still ways giving insight into overall industry pricing for your reference:

  • A supply of a single bottle will typically last one month.
  • Each bottle contains around 100mg/ml oral solution strength.
  • An extensive study puts prices anywhere between $32-$133 per droplet/milliliter when purchased online.

This would come out to around $105 per 30ml container on the lower end, with the higher range saving you upwards of $800.

Insurance Coverage

It’s worth noting that not every insurance policy covers Epidiolex. Make sure you go over any prospective plan’s benefits carefully if this is a consideration for other medical bills as well (as always, read through all policies and agreements! You can’t escape legalities – sorry!).

If your plan does in fact cover it, let out a sigh of relief — your finances may not be impacted as much having drugs paid for
one possibility that Orphan Drug pricing could arise when factoring in overall supply/demand based off limited available distribution.

Oh! But what about co-pays? Depending on jurisdiction and policy procedures speak to someone at human resources or an actual person face-to-face about how these are considered by their company eligibility requirements because there exist a few different kinds!

High-Deductible Plans

Often included in high-deductible policies allows less immediate economic effects upon drug purchase.. Yup. No deductible has been announced yet but let’s wait and see… maybe somewhere between $5k-$7k even so naturally quite high unfortunately until we know further details highlighting coverage amount varying wildly among drug buyers raising prices even more definitely including delivery costs say local pharmacies with exclusive deals/memberships:

  • Walgreens was one such company offering its Balance Rewards program subscribers better discounts at its locations nationwide notably offering savings throughout many large metropolitan areas.
  • However since then little information has come to light thusfar potential charges oweing numerous factors.

How Is The Cost Determined?

Working backwards from our last point – the cost of Epidiolex isn’t fixed across all sellers due simply differing availability/competitiveness in marketplaces based off geographical location customer data depth solely restating rationales calculated inclusive calculations concerning R&D research expenses influence margin-based forces promoting growth startups regardless immediate actuals possibly?

Secondly, regulatory barriers may impact manufacturers producing this medication difficult contract negotiations leading to conflicts between parties involved due but not limited herein logistical issues arise such as in manufacturing cuts based nationwide healthcare administration.


Ultimately, the cost of Epidiolex is going to vary depending on several important factors – dosage needed, available insurance coverage plans specific to you and the products’ increasing popularity. As I’m sure you’re aware at this point there aren’t really any guarantees or ‘one size fits all’ solutions for anyone’s epilepsy treatment out there yet. As with anything though… consider diligently doing your homework examining potential prescriptions starting with current state evaluations recognizing value accordingly!

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