How much does eliquis cost with medicare?

A: The average monthly Eliquis cost with insurance through Medicare is $38. Whether Eliquis is covered and how much it costs for you depends on the Part D or Medicare Advantage plan you choose. Plans may have other factor Xa inhibitors as preferred drugs in the class.Occupation: User Interaction Count: 

Why is the drug Eliquis so expensive? Like all life-saving drugs, Eliquis is expensive because the pharmaceutical companies know that nobody is going to opt for death over debt. Because of this, people who are either taking Eliquis or may end up taking Eliquis in the future should consider using an Eliquis coupon to avoid breaking the bank.

Is Eliquis covered by Medicaid? Medicare typically covers Eliquis through Medicare Advantage (Part C) or Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage plans. Eliquis is a brand name for apixaban, a prescription oral anticoagulant tablet.

Is Eliquis covered by Medicare Part D? While a Part D stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) does require an additional premium payment, it can be highly beneficial financially for individuals who take medications often. Eliquis is covered by many Part D plans. Many Medicare Advantage plans that include drug coverage may also cover Eliquis prescriptions.

What is the cost of Eliquis medication? Eliquis is a common anticoagulant medication that helps prevent blood clots, stroke, and pulmonary embolism. Common, but not cheap: cash prices average around $488 for a 30-day supply.