How much does an everlast punching bag cost?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re looking for numbers regarding a highly specific piece of workout equipment. And if that’s not your jam, well…you’ve come too far to turn back now.

So let’s get into it: how much does an Everlast punching bag cost?

It All Boils Down to Size

When purchasing a punching bag from any manufacturer, one thing is certain – there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to figuring out the price point. In fact, whether it’s Everlast or otherwise known brands like Outslayer and Century Versys have their bargaining chips as well.

Take for instance its weight which has a massive influence on the final checkout amount in poundage . To give you some options on what can affect your ideal buy with so many choices available right now we’ll categorize based on type:

Heavy Bags

Nowadays we have everything ranging from 25 lbs all through 200 pounds plus!
But here are some guidelines , so consider this where things begin :

  • For light workouts at home (read: dainty office types who never threw a punch)—a small bag within between such as those under 50lbs may do.

  • If training goes up quite high…boxers typically use bags above 70lbs especially in space better set up gyms.Muay Thai guys prefer higher weights of around 100 lbs, while Kick-boxers jump by just about mere wishes & caprices —some love lightweight others really heavy

Double End Bags

Definitely born from necessity for quick reflexes ..
here range goes roughly ( click clack ball excluded) :

  • Anything below $30-$40 means definitely low-grade materials
  • Sturdy regular sized double ends would rove around $80-$130
  • Drum roll, for pro heavy-duty brands like Title or even Cleto-Reyes don’t anticipate spending anything below $200.

Speed Bags

Honestly if you aren’t doing multiple training routines goading speed hitting as well…skip this! but we’ll “price-inform” anyway:

  • $30-$40 will get you a decent bag for starters.

  • Aspirants who want something better could cough up around $60

And lastly…

The So-Called “Everlast” Factor

Just being realistic here: When it comes to boxing equipment, not all brands are created equal. This is where the big puncher steps in – Everlast.

As one of the biggest names within combat sports gear realm (let’s ignore their funky-sounding slogan), things can gravitate toward the higher end price range somewhat —depending on what many seasoned martial artists seem to agree on – when tested against other bags. They claim that Everlast provides an exceptional and resilient quality when dealing with heavy duty workout sessions; there’s hardly any wear & tear they have to face over time especially given shipping depending on online sellers/retail locations tend weigh them down a bit.

So, how much does appropriate pricing for various varieties of an Everlast punching bag set? Let’s take a closer look:

Type Price Range
70-pound bag $90-$100
Heavy Bag Kit (Heavy Bag + Gloves) Around $150 (+/- )
Double End Bag /about $80–$130
Free Standing Heavy Punching Bags /Up towards (/upwards starting from)/ Above (~) out at times ($$$) An average cost would be between ($300 – Over $800)+

Keep in mind these prices might vary from outlet to outlet and even time of year since merchants always have the power.

But there’s more…..

Add-On Costs: The extras to Consider

Everlast bags have extra costs beyond the purchase price sadly.What things can inflate that sticker price aside from sets, like gloves/headgear etc; most heavy bag stands/rigs don’t come packaged in the box. Since stability is nearly guaranteed not everyone has handy wall mounts so people buy their own equipment for hanging purposes/don’t want mounting on a wall.

Now, This may quite sound overwhelming but expect (what some experts around gyms refer to)(…) annoying ad-ons inflating bill slightly:

  1. Stand/base: ($50-$240+)
  2. For standing and balance,
  3. Wall mount: (Can range between $20 upwards into several hundreds depending on brand name/hardware )
  4. Heavy Duty Gloves (SoS!) ($30 – Over 100+$)/will need replacing after continuous use
    4.Head guard 🙁 ching-! )However could cost starting from $30 or reaching up (warning) into over $200.

It’s all frustrating math right?

That said…


The Total Costs for an Everlast punching bag can vary so widely due to each individual shopper having different needs at varied skill levels/the add-on perks /upgrades they choose.

For us it appears practical no matter how much you spend on other stuff , better-quality doesn’t always equate pricier goods when it comes simple supplies.Set your budget within your means!

With this guide though some scratches & blisters will be avoided perhaps…who knows? Why quibble over set-backs anyways when building a stronger self-tears through weakness?