How much does accutane cost with united healthcare?

Have you had enough of your steadfast zits? Are they causing disruptions to your social life or work performance? We feel you, and that is why we have decided to give a detailed analysis on how much Accutane will cost if you’re using the United Healthcare insurance. Put up your feet, grab a drink and let us break it down.

A Quick Glimpse of Accutane

Before digging deep into numbers, let’s unmask some truths about this pimple-squashing medication.

Accutane (isotretinoin) is widely renowned as an excellent medicine for recurring acne in both adolescents and adults. It falls under the class known as retinoids – which works by shrinking oil glands in your skin while dealing with deep-seated bacterial infection.

With technology advancements over time, there’s been more selective laser treatments, chemical peels, birth control pills or antibiotics available to fight against pimples. However, accutane stands out because it’s capable of curing cystic acne permanently.

Where Can You Find This Wonder Drug?

Any licensed dermatologist can prescribe Isotretinoin since it requires medical supervision due to its high potency level compared to other drugs treating Acne.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Accutane

It’s no secret; Accu-tan comes along with benefits and side-effects just like any other medicine:


  • Effective for people who’ve tried different medications without success
  • Long-term results are promising
  • Some individuals experience clearer skin within weeks after starting usage
  • Boosts self-confidence

1. Expensive—especially when paid out-of-pocket or when insurance doesn’t cover.
2. In most cases causes initial aggravation—a temporary flare-up before things get better.
3. Dryness/irritation-most patients experience redness and dry skin
4. Intense side-effects- Depression, Crohn’s disease, liver damage among many others.

That said; accutane usage probably comes with cheaper options for folks under United Health Care coverage.

Does United Healthcare Cover Accutane?

Indeed they do! That’s good news if you’re a current United Healthcare subscriber or have been pondering how much you’ll save while treating your acne with the aid of insurance coverage.

A Breakdown Of How Much You Can Expect To Pay For Accutane

Before we go into the nitty-gritty pricing details, note that your payment responsibility is based on several factors like:

  • What type of health policy/plan/policyholder you hold,
  • The procedure accurate name – which includes doctors’ diagnosis documentation;
  • Specific location/effectiveness ratio since cost varies by geographic area

We can guarantee with absolute certainty that any insurer will require patients to pay some co-pays/copayments due to the drug’s hefty price tag.

Hop-On over; let us break down different plan categories and their costs:

Plan Categories – Affordable Options vs. Grand Cafe Choices (Table)

Patient affordability also plays significantly in choosing a healthcare policy, so here are four options currently offered by UnitedHealthcare:

Bronze Good option for budget-sensitive people who need access to preventive care services. Dependent upon deductible sizes ranged from $7k-$8k
Silver Smaller deductibles as low as $3K than what bronze offers perfect for predicable health concerns but require higher monthly payments compared to bronze
Gold Minimal medical expenses falls in between premiums/deductible balance
Platinum Elitist plan promises extensive medical benefits without requiring processing fees but limited hospitals

Drug Tiers

Generally, drugs categorize into tiers as seen below:

Tier 1 Preventive medicines or specific generic and over-the-counter drugs with lowest out-of-pocket expenses
Tier 2 Primary care medication is widely covered but not typically preferred
Tier 3 Coverings for non-preferred medications are usually active
Specialty tier Provides full coverage for expensive prescriptions like Accutane

It’s no doubt accutane falls under specialty tier consequentially costing more than out-of-pocket payments.

Payment Varies by States (Table)

Since States in the USA operate independently on some issues including taxation levels, living costs and salary rates; obviously the price of medical services inclines depending on state laws. In some states where access to healthcare is prioritized, insurance plans can cover everything – while others provide partial compensation. Here’s a brief list of factors that impact Accurate pricing:

  • Geographic location
  • Legal policies
  • Physician sourcing

Below are ten different cities/capitals indicating how much specialty tier cost differs:
(Based On Prescriptions Purchased at Costco Pharmacy)

State/City Cost

New York City $494.34
Los Angeles $437.50
Houston $408.20
Philadelphia $474.84
Chicago $407.
Phoenix $$436 .
San Diego $$478
Dallas $$466
Austin $$$485
Memphis $$$460
Seattle $$$462

Note: Prices above may differ based on selected pharmacies

Conclusion – Final Thoughts Before Starting Your Consultation

Medications—especially those dealing with exceptional cases such as acne—are always going to be pricey, but it’s always better when insurance comes through! However, consult both your dermatologist and physician first before taking any medication. Remember that acne may be embarrassing, but a mental breakdown caused by severe side effects is altogether different.

While the study provides general information regarding United Healthcare’s accutane coverage plus an understanding on how much you may end up paying for such medication; we highly recommend getting in touch with your carrier and physician to offer clarification based on specific situations.

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