How much does a proform elliptical weigh?

Are you planning to buy a proform elliptical? Do you want to know how heavy the machine is so that you can plan ahead for delivery? Well, look no further because we’ve got all the juicy details. In this article, we will talk about the weight of different proform ellipticals and answer some common questions related to their weight.

What Is A Proform Elliptical?

Before we dive into the specifics of their weight, let’s get familiar with what an elliptical is. An elliptical or cross-trainer is a stationary exercise machine used for running-like motions without putting any pressure on your joints. It comes with handles that move back and forth while you pedal forward in a gliding motion similar to skiing. The resistance level can be increased or decreased depending on your workout goals.

ProForm Fitness offers various types of high-quality cardio machines including treadmills, stationary bikes, and yes – ellipticals! They include the latest technology such as built-in touch screens and live interactive training sessions from certified personal trainers.

How Much Does A ProForm Elliptical Weigh On Average?

Now let’s get down to business – how much does one weigh? Here are some weights (with models included) that might give you an idea:

Model Weight (lbs)
Endurance 520 E 200
Smart Strider 495 CSE 185
Endurance 920 E 260

Different proform ellipticals have varying sizes and weight capacities including flywheels, frames, wiring systems etc., this directly affects how heavy they are overall.

Why Does The Weight Of An Elliptical Matter?

We understand that carrying around extra inches isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but vehicle transportation costs lead people sought out lighter versions when it comes to planks, bikes or other fitness equipment. However, in the case of proform elliptical machines weight can be a sign of great quality.

If an elliptical is heavy, that often implies it holds heavier duty frames built for impact resistance during intense training, high-tech console setup with multiple programming options or even better warranties.

However choosing between lighter and a heavier machine also depends on personal preferences such as how portable you want them to be since some lighter models fold within seconds into more compact sizes.

What Factors Affect The Weight Of A ProForm Elliptical?

Unlike hiking trails without any promised shade nor wifi points along the way – there are various factors affecting an ellipticals’ weight:

Frame Material:

A majority of proform products boast sturdy metal frameworks which add more weight compared to those made from plastic.

Flywheel Weight:

Ellipticals typically have flywheels—a disc connected to pedals by chains or belts—comparable in size if not bigger than your bike’s variation. These rotate when you pedal forward/backwards providing fluid motion (less jerky movement) and levels of resistance. Typically these items range between 10-40 pounds leading towards a huge difference in overall product weight

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Lighter Models Vs Heavy Duty One’s – How do they Compare?

Proform has several inline models ranking from lightweight ones below 100lb mark all the way up to massive units easily surpassing 400 lb threshold! So what would be right for you?

Here are pros and cons:



  • More portability thus easier storage
  • Quicker assembly time
  • Potentially less expensive than heavy-duty counterparts


  • May not offer same level stability & sturdiness as thicker gym like equpment so limit your hard trainings/long impact interval programs depending on durability.
  • Less likely to have multifunctional user settings



  • Built for high-intensity longer training sessions due to significant number of in-built stabilizers and security mechanisms
  • Multiple pre-set programmed workouts catering towards various experience levels including 3-zone heart rate sesor.
  • Improved durability with better warranties.


  • Extra weight adds that functionally limits placement options while requiring help during installation process
    More expensive than lighter counterparts from same brand.

Final Thoughts On ProForm Elliptical Weight

In essence, the weight of a proform elliptical is determined by several factors. The average range for their products comes around 200lb (plus/minus) mark with varying heavier units all depending on frames’ material & design, flywheel size etc., which offer different benefits and drawbacks so it’s important you assess which categories matters most when making purchase decision.

Proform manufactures some great machines be it make sure that you are aware of everything related to them before pressing that “buy” button. That means weighing up every possible feature along pricepoint differences too!

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