How much does a full weight set cost?

If you’re looking to start weightlifting, or just want to up your home gym game, the first question on your mind is likely “how much does a full weight set cost?” The answer, like most things in life, is not straightforward. From power racks to adjustable dumbbells and barbells, there are many pieces of equipment that can make up a full weight set. In this article, we’ll break down the costs associated with each piece so that you can get an idea of how much you might spend on building your dream home gym.

Let’s Talk About Power Racks

First thing’s first: if you’re serious about lifting heavy weights at home, you’ll need a solid power rack. A power rack is essentially a sturdy metal structure that allows you to do exercises like squats and bench presses safely by catching the barbell if it falls off your shoulders.

A good quality power rack will cost anywhere from $300 upwards of $1,000 depending on its features such as:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Adjustability
    • Adjustable squat stands
    • Pull-up bars

It’s important for beginners AND seasoned pros alike to have stable equipment when lifting large amounts of weight because accidents happen! Don’t be cheap!

Barbell Costs

Aside from having proper safety equipment (i.e., the aforementioned rack), one crucial piece necessary for all types of lifts involving free weights is—of course—a barbell. Barbells come in various types such as Olympic style or standard straight bars which simply affects what type—the wider 2” center on Olympic bars or traditional style 1” width—of plates/weights they accept. As alternatives some people opt for specialty bars designed specifically for different movements but these will often add another couple hundred dollars onto sticker price.

Prices begin around $100—for decent starter steel bars, while high-quality Olympic-style variations are easily $400-$500+. For a welded stainless steel or custom bar with grip options to consider (i.e. knurs on multiple parts of the shaft for added traction), you’re looking at easily over $1,000.


If getting stronger overall is your goal, then dumbbells and kettlebells will be just as important in building well-rounded strength—but beware these can add up quickly!

Adjustable dumbbell-sets sell for about $300 – $500 per pair depending on brand quality, adjustable weight range & speed of adjustment between weights. Single pairs of fixed dumbbells start from about $50 each.

For those looking to splurge on an extensive array of bells but save some garage space simultaneously Powerblock Elite 2020 Adjustable pair sets replace up to 28 different plain old fashioned Individual standard Weight discs coated in plastic/neoprene which makes them among the Quietest set type available—and priced around: roughly $350-$500 per set.

Weight/Plate Costs

How many plates one buys all depends exactly what they hold (and therefore total How much) when stacked onto accompanying bar(s). Normally plates come in three core materials:


These are the people who refuse to eat avocados because Aldis sells dollar-for-pound stick of margarine…There’s nothing wrong with that! Steel weights don’t cost a lot, period.
They run ~$.75/lbs if bought “new” online; starting—without shipping—from .25-.40/pound if picked up used from sellers locally or on Craigslist.


The most common plate material out there by-far due typically more compact sizes than bumper/comps weight versions.

Prices average around
$.90-$1.35/pound new;
$.60 -$.85 per pound used depends seller and Market location.

Bumper/Competition Plates

Weights which are made of rubber material and designed more for olympic & powerlifting movements due to drop-ability from higher positions than metal plates as well safer for gym floors.

Prices per lb. will be more expensive (~$2/lb.), However they do come with different colors identifying plate weight (international Olympic Federation compliant standards) and louder noise during dropping them so packed larger in crate box means poorer quality assurance but sold anywhere between $.90-$4.00/pound depends on thickness.


So, How much does a full weight set cost? Based solely on what we went over here,it all depends entirely upon how much you want to spend,& what exact types of equipment/components needed in forming an optimal piece-by-piece addition strategy approach for building up your own garage/home-scale gym!

To summarize the above info into a possible headline: “How Much Does It Really Cost To Create A Garage Gym Setup‘ – Anywhere From $500 ‘Setup Only’ Package Upwards Of $100,000 If You Include Custom-Built Pieces such Power Rack/Cage or cardio Machines—The Final Cost ALL Depends On Your Goals And Budget!”