How much bee pollen to take for allergies?

Bee Pollen for Allergies Dosage:

  • Start gradually half teaspoon a day and gradually increase up to three to four teaspoons by the end of 4 weeks.
  • It has to be gradually increased in dosage to allow the body to adjust to the bee pollen and minimize the side effects.
  • It can be taken along with breakfast or add with smoothies.

What is the dose of bee pollen? For people fighting allergies, stress, illness, inflammation, or nutritional deficiencies, the bee pollen dosage is about one teaspoon of mixed pollen for three times daily. For bee pollen capsules, you can take 500 milligrams to 1,000 milligrams daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.

How much bee pollen can you eat? Once you’ve determined that you tolerate bee pollen well, you can begin taking a full dose on a daily basis. Granules: For general health purposes, my recommended bee pollen dosage is 1 – 2 heaping teaspoons of the raw granules per day.

Are bee pollen capsules better? The reason why the capsule is the winner in the battle of bee pollen granules vs capsules, is because they are safer to consume and more effective. You also avoid that horrid bee pollen taste that comes with the granules.

How do you take bee pollen? There are many ways to use bee pollen. You can buy bee pollen supplements that come in tablet form and take it as prescribed by the manufacturer. You can also use bee pollen granules as a topping over cereal or yogurt, or blend ground pollen into a smoothie.

How much bee pollen should you take?

How much bee pollen should you take? ANSWER. Since bee pollen is an unproven treatment, there is no standard dose. Some people use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of bee pollen granules daily.

What are the benefits of using pollen? Besides the obvious, though, there are specific health benefits of bee pollen. Bee pollen benefits your immune system. Bee pollen helps build resistance to allergies. Bee pollen helps you to cope more easily with stress. Athletes have used bee pollen for centuries to help them increase their energy and endurance.

What is B pollen? Bee pollen is a natural mixture of flower pollen, nectar, bee secretions, enzymes, honey and wax used as a nutritional supplement.